Rand spun about and saw Valley had wandered off. It seemed as though he was about to contact the proper services to clean up Wendell’s body. Either the Ministry of Emergency Services, or the Ministry of Maintenance & Sanitation. Either way, he didn’t think it would be the right call.

“Wait!” said Rand rushing over.

“Rider?” replied a puzzled foreman. “What’s the matter?”

“Don’t make that call?”

“Why? I have to tell Sanitation that they need to come and dispose of poor Wendell’s body. The mortuary.”

“I don’t think you should. At least not yet.”

“Why not?”

“Because I don’t think Wendell’s death was an accident.”

“You don’t think it… I don’t understand. What else could it be?”

“I don’t know. But it looks like something else happened here. For one, the workplace where he is is clear of any tools and supplies that could have caused his injuries. And he was here before we were. Why was he out after curfew?”

Valley rolled his eyes slightly back, considering the points brought up by Rand. Contemplating if Knox’s death was more complex than everyone initially thought.

“No,” Valley ultimately decided. “This is just bargaining now, that’s what this is. You’re simply trying to come to terms with his death.”

“No I’m not—”

“But there is nothing more to it, Rider. As awful as it sounds, Wendell accidentally cut himself and he died.”

No!” Randall suddenly bellowed. Everyone stopped in alarm. They turned on their heels and they all stared, almost offended by the scene Rand had caused. Some of the construction crew even whispered. As the warehouse had become filled with unpleasant silence.

Meanwhile, Valley frowned and stared at his feet. He was visibly upset by Rand’s outburst; unsure of what to say.

Just becoming aware of what he said, and how loudly he had said it, Rand fidgeted and tried to look away. For he was as ashamed as Valley was upset that he had yelled. Why did I do that?

“Foreman Valley, I… I am sorry. I apologise for… for losing my temper and shouting at you. And I am sorry for making you upset and causing distress. I… I don’t know what came over me. Please forgive my actions.” And Rand struck out his hand to shake the foreman’s.”

After a few moments, Valley obliged. “I forgive you, Rider. We all get upset sometimes. Besides, some people grieve differently than others.” Then he sighed. “Look… I’ll humour you. You’re bright and intuitive, and remarkably observant. I’m giving you the benefit of a doubt. I won’t call Sanitation right away. Alright? Now, what would you have me do instead?”

Rand almost smirked. “Okay. Well, I’m not entirely sure, so I want to get a second opinion to confirm my suspicions.”

“Your suspicions?”

“ I need someone wiser than myself. Just to be certain. And he’ll know what to do after that.”

“So what do you need from me?”

“Until I fetch my superior, lock the doors and don’t let anyone into the warehouse.”

“What about the crew?”

“Anyone assigned to work inside of the warehouse, you can send home.”

“Very well then. I’ll wait for you to return.”

“Thank you, Valley. I appreciate it.”

The foreman smiled, “Trust is at the very foundation of our society, Rider. What sort of foreman would I be if I couldn’t trust you?”

The End

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