Damien Milano (working name)Mature

Job interview..
I took her looking away as a signal for me to let out a breath of relief. Well, something of the sort anyway. Strange how, even after all this time working across from me she has never once seen me.
And yet this morning that slight falter in her voice; the little decrease in tone; the uncertainty. I know so well how she feels.

I am Damien Milano and at 24, I'm doing pretty well for myself. I have a fairly well paying job in the finance department of the health site whereby the lady in front of me also works and my own house which costs far too much in bills. I have no immediate family 

I'm going to bed, I'll finish this in the morning if I'm up early enough x3
Oh, if you get a chance.. tell me if you like the name..? And the way I'm taking the story, if you don't then I'll totally change it.. not that I've really got any idea where it's going anyway but... -laughs- 

I take a sharp intake of the cold air and she looks up at me angrily; I had a right to be curt with her, even if she does not know it.

I have no will to be here any more. The night is too cold and the stars are too bright to waste it on a bus.
As if on cue, she looks up at the stars. Her beautiful hair moving across her shoulders with ease as her eyes shimmer with the light from the street lamp above. 

The End

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