Afraid of the Dark (working title)Mature

Just a random first chapter I wrote, feel free to join in and give it a storyline xD

Introduction: The Start

Staring out the bus window I wonder when things will change.

My name's Lily, I'm twenty-three years old ina  boring, run-of-the-mill office job where my boss is an ass. I did have my own place but was forced to move back into my parents house when the damn recession kicked in. The only plus of my life seems to be when I see him. He climbed on, handing the money for his ticket to the conductor. His long, pitch-black hair was tied up today and despite the cold weather today he was wearing only a pale shirt and black trousers. He took his ticket before scanning the bus for an empty seat. Oh. Shit.

I kept my eyes glued to the scenery. It's not as if I had any idea what I'd say to him. He was the guy I let myself dream about, I invented his high-paying job and charming nature. What if I talked to him and the illusion was broken and he was actually a rude, boring person? Plus I just didn't do talking to random guys. There's a reason why I haven't had a boyfriend since I was college.

“Don't suppose you know the hospital site?” He said, I don't think he really expected an answer, but for once I had one.

“Yeah, I work there” I replied. He turned startled sea blue eyes on me and I had to stop myself from melting by glancing out the window. I let a deep breath leave quietly before turning back to face him.

“Oh...great” he said, a smile spreading across his lightly tanned skin.

I kept expecting something to be wrong with this guy, but there was nothing. He let me get up the bus first and was polite. When someone bumped into him, he was the one who apologised without hesitation.

“So...erm, why are you here?” I asked, hoping my voice didn't falter too much as I spoke. He sent me a knowing glance. Great, I was that obvious. I suddenly wished I chose to wear my hair down today, that way I could hide my red cheeks behind the thick, brown mass.

“Interview” he answered. I nodded, not trusting myself to speak at this point and was grateful when I saw the office he was talking about ahead. Wait...but that office is. If this guy got the job he'd be working a corridor away from me.

“Thanks for showing me” he said, sending a small wave before turning his back to me. Well. He might not get the job, plus I barely met him. The knowing glance means he could be obnoxious or something. I pushed all thoughts on the stranger from my mind and headed to my office. Another day of filing paperwork on the hospital's finance. I suppose I've always justified staying in this place with the fact that I was indirectly helping people. But honestly the glamour of that feature is wearing away. I felt my eyes growing tired as they stared between the computer and the time sheets. I reminded myself yet again I needed more sleep and to stop being distracted by so many silly romance novels. I finished my work and starred at my wrist, half hour before I could go. As if on cue in walks my boss who puts a pile of crap on my desk. He mouths “before you leave” and walks out. So much for getting home early.

I hated walking to the bus stop at night, and its not because I'm afraid of the dark. I'm just one of those people who gets paranoid and thinks someone is watching them...okay, maybe I am a little scared of the dark. Doesn't help that the bus stop is empty because its so late. It cold as hell. The lamp post nearby keeps blinking on and off and my bus isn't going to get here for another forty minutes. My day has gone oh-so-well. I heard footfalls behind me and turned to see. Oh come on, hasn't my day been bad enough without fate put me through another torturous meeting with him?!

“Hey again” He said, Ugh, he's so perfect it actually pisses me off. Does that even make sense? I think my brain is just faulty.

“Hi” I murmur, wondering how on earth he can manage the cold night air without a coat.

“Have a good day?” he asked, pulling a cigarette out from his pocket.

“So-So. There's a no smoking sign for a reason” I said as he flicked the lighter on. He pursed his lips for a few second before putting both away.

“Fine” he said, his voice agitated.

“How did the interview go?” I asked, feeling like I should at least try to socialize.

“Interview...oh, that. Yeah, went fine” He said. I raised an eyebrow at him. Who just forgets a job interview? I glanced at my watch, thirty minutes still.

The End

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