Escaping The Past

Locked in your own world, you wish to forget reality. Hiding from the truth. And from life itself.

The mind feeds off the past, and gives birth to only anguish and despair.

Its dark in here. The windows are closed. The air is humid and rancid. Claustrophobic space. the walls seem to close in on you.

The head is heavy. You are collapsing. Tired. Sinking into your bed, knowing that you will never have the strength to rise again.

You try to talk but find no ears. You wish somebody would pick you up and yet you wish to be left alone. You need to get out before its too late. But there is nowhere to go. All paths lead back to here. Circular worlds. Circular lives. There is no escape.

This was his life from the day he had been abandoned. He stared at the mirror, hoping for something to change. He stared really hard.

The mirror cracked. He watched his incomplete image through a drunken haze.

The End

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