You push yourself forward, using up the last of your energy resources in the attempt to make this last until you reach the river that is within your sight. 

Paranoia settles in, the birds that you were following are now long gone, leaving you alone in this nightmare. The dark wraps itself around you,  whispering  lies into your ears , tricking you into believing in noises that aren't there; cracking of twigs, rustling of leaves all playing tricks on your delicate mind.

You continue moving, your body no longer your own, being fuelled only by the need of survival. You are not going to die... You are not going to die.

You hear the trickling of water, at least you think you do. Your throat tightens with thirst; you can almost taste the sweet liquid that within minutes will pass your lips. You inhale deeply, staring at the ground moving quickly beneath your feet. You close your eyes, focusing on your breathing...

Within seconds the ground becomes moist, water seeps into your shoes. You flick your eyes open to see your ankle deep in mud, the thick sludge slowly tightening its grip around you. You trudge forward, getting closer to the river that is seconds within your reach. 

You lean forward, reaching out towards the crystal clear surface; your fingertips touching the water. You dive head first into the darkness, pushing forward into its' depth before emercing yourself.

You gasp in the fresh air, gulping down water- your body grateful for some sort of replenishment. You rub your arms; cleaning your skin, only to notice the deep wounds on your flesh in the moonlight. You don't remember how they got there- you don't really remember anything from earlier. The cuts begin to sting as the water tries to rid you from any infection.

You stare up into the night sky, the beautiful twinkling stars staring back at you. You smile, you feel safe here, free from any terror that is lurking around you. Leaning back you lay floating like a star on the glass surface, reflecting the scene above you.

You close your eyes, giving into the exhaustion- breathing in the cool night air, you drift into the murky depths of your mind...  

Flashes of boys fighting produce themselves out of the darkness, they're shouting, you can't make out what they're saying, but you know something is wrong, very very wrong. A head snaps towards you, clear blue eyes piercing into yours. They're full of fear. The image disappears, only to be quickly replaced by another; a body falls to the ground, you hear the crack of a skull, crimson liquid seeps out beneath the mass of brown hair, the same blue eyes stare back, lifeless...


The End

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