He closes the gap between you, the tape out ready to muffle your screams. You stretch out your arms ignoring the searing pain as you grab his shoulders; springing your knee forward with as much force as possible you hit him hard in the crotch.

He yells out in pain, but you don’t care, you’re too busy running for your life…

You hear the thud of him hitting the floor in agony; the sound of your feet impulsively hitting the ground as you scramble across the landing. Your heart hammers through your chest as you run down the flight of wooden stairs. You feel your lungs dry up as your breathing tries to keep up with you.

You reach the bottom of the stairs. Beads of sweat roll from your face as you continue to run towards the glimmer of light coming through the glass in the front door.

You burst the door open, gasping as you take in the fresh air, but you don’t stop. You can't. You leap off the porch and over the front steps. You shield your eyes from the piercing sun with your arm, sprinting down the pebble walkway, your muscles screaming in agony.

You scale over the wooden fence, catching your leg before you land. You stop dead. Looking from left to right you search for a road, a building- something, anything.

Where am I?

You look again, but there’s no sign of life anywhere.  Just miles of farmland as far as the eye can see.

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god,
are the only words racing through your mind as you rush through huge blades of grass; the walls of green surrounding you. You push them out of your way, trying to escape this place.

Snapshots from earlier flicker through your mind; Chantelle's green sweater. Her dancing on the table, drinking more of the punch. Her laughing as she fell down- Her screaming. Begging you for help as she ran towards you. Her falling to the ground. Her limp body being dragged away from you. Your cries of agony as you tried to help her, holding your arms out towards her...

You hear the front door slam, a roar of anger shoots across the sky. You look up into the bright light as birds fly away from the reverberation, you chase after them, praying that wherever they go will be a lot safer than here.

The End

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