You stare into the mirror. The water you just splashed on your face is dripping from your chin. You hear the echoes of a continual drip, drip, drip whilst the person staring back at you is unrecognisable.

You touch the black, puffy eye on the mirror. Leaving a finger mark, you analyse the colourful bruises on their face, noticing the blood smeared on their t-shirt which is now grey.

This is your face. You know this inside, but it doesn't quite register. You look down at yourself, lifting up your arms, you give them the once over and flinch from the pain. Flashbacks of the screams, the bodies, the blood, race through your mind.

You glance back at the mirror- there's a figure standing behind you.

Reality hits you as you realise this is the last thing you'll ever see. A single tear forms in your swollen eye and rolls down your face. 

With each blink this murdering psychopath takes a step closer. He's dressed in a black tuxedo, stained with the remnants of your friends, a disturbing, rubber, Halloween mask of a smiling clown hides his face.

"Please, let me go," you plead, no louder than a whisper, "Please." More tears roll down your face, and you turn around to face him. You don't want to witness what's about to occur within the next couple of seconds.

He's a lot taller than you, a lot bigger in size too. Uncontrollable tears escape as you begin to break down, you cough from lack of oxygen, your throat dry and raspy. They remove the duck tape from their pockets and you sob harder. You're not ready to die yet.

You want to apologise to your mum for that stupid argument earlier, if you had listened to her you wouldn't be in this situation right now. You wanted to tell her how much you loved her. You wanted to tell your dad that whatever happened in the past you forgive him, that he is your dad, you love him and always will. You wanted to hug your brother one last time, tell him that no matter how much he annoyed you; with those silly dances in his boxers, and all the times he'd jumped on you when you were sleeping, that you loved him more than anything else in the world. You're not ready. You don't want to die. Not yet.

He closes the gap between you. You stop sobbing. You inhale deeply and close your eyes- focusing on your breathing. You need to be strong. You will not die. Not here, not like this, not now.

The End

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