A love poem I wrote long ago.

My love for you is as deep as the sea,

As boundless as the blue sky.

It flows with the very wind, gliding over the countryside that separates us.

It is the cool breeze through your bedroom window that gently ruffles your hair,

Kissing your skin in the moonlight as you sleep.

Thoughts of you constantly fill my head, even into the night;

My dreams linger upon your sweet face,

Your features known better than even my own.

Your ever-smiling eyes enthrall me,

Making me exhillaratingly drunk upon their liquid blue humor.

If only I could gaze into them and be near you forever.

There is nothing in this world that I want more than for you to be mine,

And I yours,

Together for as long as God grants us on this earth.

My love cannot be discribed in full by mere words;

It is unfathomable be those who have not be graced by such splendor,

It is uncommunicatable except though a kiss.

A kiss that I only dream of;

For you know nothing of my feelings for you.

Although, I shan't now, someday I will tell you of my adoration.

Maybe, perhaps.

The End

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