Alexandra in prison.

Alexandra Tompson sat in the dungeon with her fellow prisoners. She, unlike the others, was beautiful and had had everything she wanted. But all of that had been taken away by a selfish promise.

She puffed and layed her head on on her hard bed, trying to rest, but not feeling comfortable to. Alexandra pulled back her brown hair and closed her big brown eyes and destined for sleep. But sleep did not come, for she was thinking about the selfsih promise. The promise that took everything away from her, even her hansome fiancee.

Sleep finnaly came and she dreamt she dreamt of her life, before all of this madness had happened.

"Alexandra Tompson, your carriage awaits."

She walked through the door and onto the carriage. She plomped herself down on the seat. She was going to get married to a prince who loved her and was hansome too.

They pulled next to the church, and Alexandra came down. She gasped at the church, seeking it's beauty and magnificent quality. It was perfect. Her dreams were finnaly coming true.

Her father took her arm and they ran up the stairs to the room, which had Alexandra's dress. A maid was there and she pushed her father out of the room. No one was to see.

The maid went into the back of a huge closet and took the gown of it's rack. She helped Alezandra into it and zipped the back.

Alezandra sneeked a peek over her shoulder at the mirror, when she wasn't looking even though she wan't supposed to. What she saw staring back at her looked nothing like the Alexandra she knew.

The maid came back with makeup in each hand. She put red lipstick and blush on the bride. No need for mascara, her eyelashes were already black. Then she twisted her hair into a bun.

Her father came back and took Alexandra's arm. It was time. She was going to be Mrs. Hane.

He led her down the stairs and into the hall. Alexandra stared at the crowd of people that had came to see her get married. It was gaughsting. The piano began to play the march and the bridesmaids took the first step. Then it was her turn.

As she walked she looked at Joseph, her almost husband. He was beautiful. Joseph'd blue eyes stared back at her with affection.

They said the vows and shared a quick kiss, but in when they were kissing Joseph took out a knife and was about to cut her throat....

Alexandra awoke with a shudder, her nightmare was her last memory before she was took into the dungeon. Once there she was safe forever.

The End

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