Aero: Digital Crisis

Aero is just a kid who plays a video game that's fun and safe, RIGHT? (THIS IS OLD AND GONE)

An assailant silently rose from the shadows, as if to taunt Aero with an evil sneer.  Although Aero couldn't see his face - as it was, indeed, draped with the blackest of shadows, he knew exactly who this particular assailant was, and he was well aware of his motive.  Dante, the assailant, had met with Aero for a couple of rounds of PvP before Aero's "extremely poop" curfew.  "Ready to lose?", a sly comment almost whispered from Aero escaped without a single though.  Dante chuckled and dashed to the right to escape a kick aimed right at his face.  Aero wasn't playing games.  He immidiatly sidestepped and delivered.  A lethal blow right in the hip!  "Lucky..shot...ehheh.." Dante managed to choke out.  Aero then used the side of his mighty trident to land a harsh hit to the side of Dante's head to finish him off.  Aero chuckled to himself when he heard an all-too familiar voice: "Rez me please...ugh.."

The two teenagers decided to take a rest from their beloved game by the name of Arcana - a virtual reality MMORPG released two years earlier in 2071.  For two 16-year-old guys, Arcana was always a regular.  Aero bid farewell and returned to his home - warm atmosphere as always because his mom was always waiting for him.  Aero drifted into a deep sleep after his dinner of thoroughly enjoyable spaghetti.  He opened his eyes gently and thought something that was absurd to him.  'I hope my day goes awesome' He couldn't believe that he actually HOPED for a good day.  He dragged himself to the mirror with little resistance of the early morn.  The mirror reflected the real Aero - a teenager with messy curly hair and bedridden eyes.  He thought of something that lightened his mood - how awesome his Arcana self was.  He could see Aero - Knight of Valiance - Standing in the very same mirror - with purpose.  He could see Aero's eyes brimmed with determination.  He admired his awesomeness - with awesome spiky white hair and a red and black checker style trench coat.

The End

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