Zoe Othen has no idea that she has a greater destiny than the one she always wanted - to be a musician. She is firm in believing her life need only revolve around her talent for music. Little does she know she has other talents that will set her on a path that was decided long before she was born...


            My name is Zoelle Midnight Othen; daughter to Lakeisha Othen. I prefer to be called Zoe so I don’t stand out than I normally do. I’m fifteen years old; soon to be sixteen. I have auburn hair that falls just pass my shoulder blades and rare amber eyes. My skin is like a porcelain dolls which makes me a target for bullying.

            I have no talents except that of music and rhythm.

            For as long as I can remember, I have had the most vivid dreams. They’re dreams of a world very different to ours. They are set in a time that reminds me of Arthur’s Camelot but no one can see me except the sprites. They are mischievous and very kind. My dreams of them are the most wonderful for they allow me to join them in dancing the night away. The sprites take the form of humans but their ears are definitely pixie-like – pointed but obscured by their hair.

            Not all my dreams are as amazing. Over the years I have had more and more nightmares. In them are the most horrific, indescribable creatures, I call Umbras, that live in the shadows. I run and run in hope that they will not be able to touch me but the darkness is unavoidable. They reach out with their claws and the sharp blades scrape my skin. Not deeply but still enough to make me cry out in pain. Every time I scream, the creatures cackle in pleasure causing me to wake.

            I was nine when awoke from a nightmare and stumbled to the mirror to reassure – to calm – myself after a very bad wound. A flash of red caught my eye and I noticed that on my arm were the gouges that could only be left by things of nightmare.

            I never told anyone about the creatures – not even my mother who I adored or the sprites who were my friends.

            You might think it strange that I would show confidence in people of my dreams but since the very beginning I have known in my heart that they are out there in another world somewhere.

            I also know that the Umbras are a part of that world I dream of but can never truly reach. My heart tells me that the people including my friends are terrorized by the things.

            One day I swear to do anything I can to help stop the Umbras. If they hurt any of my Sprite friends I shall kill them without a second’s thought.

            That is, of course, assuming they don’t kill me first.

The End

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