The Hatchling

Tyraki looked up the sun was starting to set. I'd better set up camp before it gets dark he thought. He gathered some fire wood and lit a fire. He took some of the raw meat from earlier and threw it into the fire. He then took out took out the strange stone and held it in the failing light, for a moment he could have swore he felt- and heard it move. he put it down and unfolded the pot over the fire, he filled it from the waterskin and sat back looking up into the sky. He pulled the meat out of the fire and made some tea to drink, ive not got enough food to last the whole trip he thought. Tyraki looked around to the stone. it had moved from where he had placed it. He blinked . The stone rolled towards him with a muffled squeal.

Tyraki pulled the stone closer to him and it let off a satisfied squeak.  This is much more than a mere stone..  he thought finishing up the last of his meal and lay down on his side, next to the fire with his cloak over him, the stone warm on his chest, looking up to the stars he drifted off slowly.

Tyraki woke up slowly he looked around his camp, it was in ruin. numerous items were scattered around on the ground, his bag was torn and the cook pot had been knocked over. Damnit, someone raided my camp during the night... He noticed a few scraps missing off of his cloak and he sat up, he heard a clattering noise and pulled his cloak back over revealing cracked emerald fragments where the stone had been nestled. He saw some movement in the trees and focused on it, in a flurry of leaves an emerald dragon burst out. He sat for moments entranced by its deep green eyes, they seemed so young, yet wise. Tyraki looked at its other features, it had a row of horns growing along the middle of its neck, at the base of the neck the horns split into two rows sticking out symmetrically left and right, from the base of its neck running down its spine was thick, flat and leathery. Its wings seemed to big for the hatchling and they dragged along on the ground.The end of its tail was sharp and arrow shaped with three serrated tooth like horns growing back towards its body. It had two large pointy ears similar to that of himself and behind its eyes were two outward facing metre-long tendrils. After a few moments trapped in the dragons gaze Tyraki scrambled backwards. The dragon worriedly ran up towards him and nuzzled his hand. For a few moments Tyraki knew nothing but extreme pain and a blinding white light. Then he blacked out.

The End

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