The Stone

Tyraki finished breakfast and unfurled a map onto the grass, he looked around the map if i am... he put his fingers over a part of the forest he moved his finger over to ellesmera then i should get there in about...3 or so days at my current pace. Tyraki closed the map and packed up his belongings and set off.

After a few hours walking at a leisurely pace he heard the rustleing again, this time he drew his sword and ran to the bush where it had started. He sliced the leaves off, but nothing was there he sheathed his sword and continued on. Am i going mad? he asked himself in his his mind, he heard a metalic ringing, ignored it he tried to take his mind off it by picking herbs.  he caught a glimse of something shiny in a bush he reached down,picked it up. It was a large emerald green stone, vibrating, producing the ringing sound he had heard earlier. This should sell well, it might get me a good horse . He held the stone tightly so as to stop the ringing, put it under his arm and walked off. He heard the rustleing sound again "DAMNIT WHO'S THERE???" he shouted, after moments of silence, he growled and continued on his way to Elesmera.

The End

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