Adventures of Tyraki

An ongoing story i will probably never stop writing at. most characters are from my own imagination, but it is set lossely in the Eragon universe

The sun was rising over the horizon and Tyraki slowly woke up. Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he pulled over some of the deer he hunted yesterday then cutting off a slice he threw some into the fire. He poured some water from his waterskin into his ribbed leather pot, which was hanging over the fire. Leaving the meat to cook and the water to boil he went of to look for herbs.

After a few minutes of gathering various herbs and other plants most of which could be used for tea, or healing wounds, Tyraki started back to his camp. Tyraki heard a rustle in the bushes, but thought nothing of it. He got back to his camp and dropped some tea leaves into the pot, he pulled the meat from the fire and nibbled on it. He filled a small cup with tea and started to drink. Hearing the rustle again his eyes shifted to a nearby bush. Tyraki dropped the cup and stood up, pulling the sword from his belt, "Who are you what do you want?" he called,after a few moments of silence, he felt slightly foolish. He sat down again, filled another cup with tea, and sat back against a tree trunk eating his morning meal.

The End

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