Rusty and Brandon have fun

 The sun was halfway through disappearing. Rusty had locked up his house because his mom had gone to visit his grandma and wouldn’t be coming back before 4 days. Strong winds whipped his face and ran through his hair. Rusty was alone on the tank. His hopes of seeing Sheena up there were slowly fading away. He looked up to see dark clouds forming above his head. He sighed and decided to wait for another 10 minutes.

            Slow drizzle now began to fall on Rusty, but he was in no mood to budge from his place. He like rain. This is another rare quality he had. After some time had passed he heard the door creak. It wasn’t Sheena, he saw a guy come in. Disappointed, Rusty looked away. The guy waited for Rusty to speak but then gave in “What the hell do you think you’re doing up there?” he had a strong, powerful voice. “I…um…you must be Brandon.” The guy smiled “and you must be Rusty!” Rusty got his answer.           

            Brandon was pretty much what Rusty had imagined him to be. He was a few inches taller than Rusty…about 6’3”, but that didn’t make him look odd, he was extremely handsome, sturdy and very charming and a physique that seemed chiseled out of granite. After all Sheena had spoken highly about him…

            “Hey…,” Brandon breaking Rusty’s chain of thought  “do you wish the lightning to fall on you? C’mon in, Sheena is waiting for you.”

            The two were alone in the elevator when Rusty began to feel cold, he was drenched to his skin. He sneezed a few times. He wished he didn’t have to look so weak in front of Brandon.

            When they reached Rusty’s apartment, Sheena was already there “As thought poor doggie-woogie was getting wet in the rain!”

            “How about I meet you after 5 minutes, have to change my clothes you know!” said Rusty. “Fine, we are waiting for you at my place.

            Sheena’s apartment was in a complete mess; there were chew toys strewn all across the floor. “Sheena, you didn’t tell me you had a toddler sibling!” said Rusty. “I don’t,” Sheena giggled “meet Jackson!”

            They were suddenly joined by a puppy who excitedly ran out from inside. It was an golden retriever. He barked once and then started circling Rusty’s feet. He carefully inspected Rusty before barking his approval.

            “Isn’t he adorable!” squealed Sheena. “Oh sure!” said Rusty, in fact he loved dogs but his mother wouldn’t let him keep one at home. Dogs freak her out, he remembered when at their old house their neighbor’s Rottwieler had pounced on her. His socially active mom had grounded herself up for a full month.

            Brandon decided that the balcony would be the perfect place to chat at the time. They enjoyed the view of the mountains far away on the horizon. They also enjoyed the view of the water splattering in the magnificent lake. A few kids had taken liberty to come out and dance in a strangely erotic way which made them laugh.

            Rusty told them all about Michelle. Sheena sympathized with Rusty. Brandon said that he got his daily quota of girls like this and Rusty should learn to handle it.

            “Hey,” said Sheena “I made a new friend she shifted here yesterday; she is cool and has promised to come up to our place.”

            Rusty had absolutely fallen in love with “our place”. He loved sitting on the concrete tank, loved the view of the sunset and the rain there too!

            Sheena made them a mug of hot coffee. Rusty relished it with the sight. But he was missing someone “Where’s Jackson?” asked Rusty “I don’t bring him out here during rain, he might catch cold.” They heard Jackson bark happily back in the house.

            “You know what,” started Brandon “why don’t we give a name to our place…the concrete tank…”

            “Well...let’s see… it is the highest place around and we feel like rulers there…and I personally feel so close to the clouds,” said Rusty “Fairfield High would be good.”


The End

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