Adventures of Rusty The Mighty

This story follows a normal teenage guy known as Rusty and all the not so normal things happening around him.

  Rusty opened his eyed and didn’t dare close them again. In front of him was a quadruple of huge buildings…'Fairfield Towers'. Rusty and his parents had decided to shift here to Goa. He had no other siblings…so he was quite lonely sometimes.

   He was a tall,brown,lanky boy of age 16.There were a series of scars on his left shoulder, reminiscent of the surgery performed on him for shoulder dislocation, but other than that he was spotless. He had grown up in a rough neighbourhood but still had a heart of gold.He had a passion for writing stories.

   “Move it now!” Rusty’s mom snapped at him. Rusty grabbed the bags and they entered the huge complex. Rusty gasped, he had not quite seen anything like this before. In the four corners were huge buildings and right between them was an enormous man-made lake. It was shimmering brightly in the afternoon sun.

  Finally, Rusty reached his apartment. He spent the next four hours placing right things in their right place in the backdrop of his mom’s parrot like screeches. She was a very particular lady…one mistake…and she would tick-off like a bomb.

  After taking a short nap, Rusty found himself very lonely. His mom had gone to do some shopping, his dad was gone to work and on top of that he was new to this place. He cursed his rotten luck and remembered all his friends in his old school.

   Rusty searched for a good place to talk and decided on the terrace. He took his phone with him and went up. He got another surprise. His building was about 30 floors high, undoubtedly the tallest around and the view from there was breathtaking! He could see miles away, the beaches, the endless sea…the sunset. He enjoyed the sight. Soon it was dark and the lights went up. He could no longer see the sea but the many lights scattered across Goa like little pearls glittering.

   ”Wow!” he thought and then remembered his purpose. He quickly dialed his best friend Alister’s number. The conversation must’ve gone on for about an hour according to Rusty’s estimation.

   He sensed a movement at the back and his third surprise for the day, there was a girl of about 16(his age), she was thin, had good height, brown hair and was charming. She was sitting on a concrete water tank and was playing soft music on her guitar. Rusty told Alister he would call him later. Apparently the girl had noticed Rusty too only she wasn’t so surprised.

  “Hi,”she said “I am Sheena, Sheena Malley .” “Hi, I am Rusty.” “I have been watching you since you came up here during sunset.” She said. Rusty counted this as his fourth surprise for the day “I didn’t notice you were here.” Sheena called him up the water tank “So, you are new and have no friends here, do you?” Rusty felt a bit annoyed at this stranger knowing so much about him already.

  Sheena told him that she was new here too, she had shifted here four months ago. She was a native Portuguese living in Goa. She had one best friend, Brandon and wished Rusty would meet him too. “Sure!” Rusty told her in desperate need for new friends.

  Sheena told him bit more about herself. She studied at St. Stephens. Rusty was to study at Don Bosco. He cursed his luck again for he wished to have a friend on his first day in the new school.

   “I love playing guitar,” she said holding it up proudly “I usually come up here and play it during sunset.” Rusty told her about his passion for writing stories. She expressed her desire to read some of them. Suddenly, there was some parrot like screeches near the stairway. Rusty knew this was his call and rushed home. Later he sat down and looked at everything around him from his window, he felt good. Then he thought of Sheena. Probably life would pick up from here.

The End

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