Beach Day

Runnin’ ohhh’runnin’. Sun’s in my face. I’m fillin’ me up on all that salty air. Wet sand’s ooh’warm between my toes. And You have to clean off my toes with Towel after, don’t forget. Where are you, anyway, Man? TIDEPOOLS! Aromatic tidepools, oh’yeah!

Huhhh? What?...

You’re…laughing. I was SLEEPING, Man! You’d better be laughing at some intruder fool enough to blunder in where I’M protecting you. You’d better be informing him – and the dog who brought him – that I’M coming! Where are you, Man? – Here you are…

Aww…Cummon, Man! I was at the beach! You, too, I know it. Somewhere. And Frisbee, probably.

Oh…Nooo, really, don’t look at me. Yes, play with those people in the box of colours. I’ll fetch Frisbee. Maybe Frisbee can explain it better.

Frisbee. Where’ve you flown to, this time, you? Fris’beee!...


“Snowy. Stop barking.”

You! You’ll know what to do. Must…get…help!

Man, y’gotta come with me. Frisbee’s trapped. Up where you keep those hats, and sweaters you get for birthdays – and nothing ever comes out. Cummon, Man! Frisbee’s gotta be scared.

“What is it, Snowy?”

Read my eyes, Man! That’s it. Nearly…there.

“What, Buddy?”

THERE, Man! Do I have to stand on two legs?...Okay, I’m on two legs, Man. Take Frisbee outta there, before he’s trapped forever.


“Y’know what, Snowy…the Mod Squad’s got everything in hand. And a nice day out, too. You wanna go t’the beach? Hey, Buddy?”

Y’say…BEACH, Man?

The End

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