Adventures of LPV7demo


Heyyy…Cummon, Man! Don’t you see the cows? All that green and fragrant field back there full of black and white cows, Man.

“Cummon, Snowy.” You said, “Let’s go to Langley. Clear the head a little.”

Nothing clears the head as good as a country drive. All that delicious country air up my snout. And cows, Man.

“What?” You say, glancing. And again, “What?”

As if I have to tell you.

“Reminds me, Snowy. Buddy. Gonna have to delete your LPV7demo profile pretty soon.”

You’re still thinking about those people in that bright box, Man. Instead of turning Car around and taking us back to those cows. I worry for you, really. I try.

“…One hundred and five chapters… ."

I’m...not...listening. I’m sticking my head out the window and breathing in all the countryside.

Laugh all you want. I’m snubbing you, Man. Car and me take you driving in the country – and you won’t even stop and smell the cows…

The End

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