Part 2


Ayshia and Vivian were walking down hallways. Didn't really know where they were going. But kept on walking. All of the sudden Aliens started attacking. Ayshia (who had flying powers) flew up and started punching them. Vivian used her laser bracelet that Ayshia gave her to shoot them down. After they defeated a couple of Aliens more came. Ayshia came back down. Knowing they had to split up to defeat Aliens. There were two signs one said Main. The other said Freshman. Ayshia took Freshman. Vivian took Main. Ayshia flew up and kicked butt in the air. He was almost done when three spaceships appeared. He smiled and took them on. Meanwhile Vivian was walking down the Main hallway. Her bracelet turned into a scanner. She scanned to see if any Aliens were near. Negative. Vivian kept on scanning. Positive. She kicked down a door and went in. She started falling. Her legs hit something hard. It was the Mothership. The Mother Alien came out and spoke to her. Vivian didn't understand a word. She pressed her bracelet to understand. "Human" The Alien said. "My children and I just wanted to visit Candy Cane Island. We love Candy Cane's Earthling. We try to blend in. My son Waldo loves it!" "Mother Alien, you came here for Candy Cane Island?" "Yes." "We killed your children! I am terrible sorry!" The Mother Alien laughed "Its fine. Humans can't kill us. We get hurt than heal" "Great." Vivian said sarcastically. "Yeah if we go into war with humans you guys are screwed." Vivian turned to her bracelet and spoke to it. "Ayshia, stop fighting lets get out of here." Vivian looked backed at Mother Alien. "Have fun at Candy Cane Island!" "Thanks! Crap! Where's Waldo?" Ayshia and Vivian joined each other once again and skipped to Area 51 to show them the spaceship that Vivian sucked into her bracelet. And that my friends is another story...

End of Part 2

The End

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