Adventures of Ayshia and Vivian

Ayshia and Vivian take of in a hallway and go into crazy wild Adventures. Join them to see how fight Aliens, Lockers, Bowling Pins, and much more!

Part 1

Candy-Cane Island

Ayshia and Vivian were walking down a dark and lonely hallway. They were on there way to Candy Cane Island. The red lockers that surrounded them came alive. Feet and arms came out of the lockers. But Ayshia and Vivian with their super awesome powers defeated the Evil red lockers. They turned down another hallway. More red lockers were there but instead of them the class rooms became mouths and they sucked Vivian in. Ayshia tried his hardest to hold on to her. But he couldn't hold on. Vivian was taken. Ayshia looked around. He couldn't go to Candy Cane Island by himself! He looked at the classmouth that took her and went in. Oh crap! It was a history class that took her! Ayshia turned around but the mouth shut. He was stuck in there. Evil laughter came from behind him. It was the history teacher Mrs. Givens. She told him and Vivian that only way out was to answer three questions correct if wrong you were in there forever. Ayshia went first. Mrs. Givens asked the questions. "What is your name?" "Ayshia." "What is your quest?" "To go to Candy Cane Island." "What is your favorite color?" "Purple." "You are free." Vivian knowing this will be like The Holy Grail stepped up. "What is your name?" "Vivian" "What happen in the 1920s?" "The Great Depression" "What cause World War I?" It took Vivian a while to think then she answered. "M.I.A.N. Military, Imperialism, Allies, and Nationalism. And Austria-Hungry guy was killed." "Correct you made pass." Vivian exit the room. Ayshia and Vivian linked arms and skipped down the hallway. Finally they reached Candy Cane Island! It smelled like mints. Everything was striped red and white. It would be hard to find Waldo in there. Ayshia and Vivian glanced at each other and smiled. Then they started licking the Candy Cane poles. After they finish three each they decided to leave. Walking down an empty hallway once again. Two hallways diverge at white tiles to bad they could not travel both but in the end they went their different ways. And that made all the difference. Until they meet again......

End of Part 1

The End

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