The Other Crew

"What on the High Seas is this? Some kind of sorcery?" I exclaimed, confused, my throat still raw from coughing up seawater.

"Neigh lad, neigh. 'Tis be the Underside boy. D'ye know what lies beneath the surface of the waves?"

"I thought it to be a cold, watery embrace and a lonely death, but now I'm not so sure."

"Har! Har! Har! And ye'd, be right boy, but sometimes, when the timings just right and the sea shines like a mirror reflectin' your very soul, 'tis the time when you step on through to the other side and you end up here, where up is down and down is up. You end up in the Underside and this lad, this is the underside of the ship."

I paused to take all of it in, but it was true. It was as if we were within a great bubble beneath the waves. It looked so fragile, like the entire weight of the ocean could come crashing down at any moment to crush us into oblivion. I began to shudder with fear.

The cheer went up from the motley crew and the hauled me aboard the barnacle encrusted hull.

"Ah har! I know the Poppin' when I sees them, they get over 'em soon enough. That thar bubble ain't never popped and it ain't gonna, you'll see."

As they laid me about the hull, a stared about, still crippled with fear. Members of the crew were casting lines into the sky, fishing for their supper on the other side of the terrifying meniscus. It was all too much for me to take in.

I passed out.

The End

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