A wizards work.

V    “Cut!”
    The deep, loud voice sliced through the air, mimicking the cutlass that had been pressed to my spine only moments before.
    Cut? Who, me? But I thought I was supposed to drown…
    “That’s a wrap, boys,” the baritone sounded again, behind me. And then a meaty hand clenched my shoulder, and I whipped around to face its possessor.
    “Great job today, Pennington. The fear in your eyes, so genuine!”
    That terrible glint was still affixed to my pupils, the mountain of a man before me more imposing than No-beard himself.
    And mind you, he’s not something to giggle over.
    He, too, had some facial stubbery, a fine misting of gray that stretched from ear to ear before burrowing itself in his salt and pepper hair.
    An odd look came to the man’s bespectacled eyes when I merely quivered in reply.
    “Pennington, the scene is over, get back to your dressing room at take that costume off! It smells as if you really have been on the high seas for months.”
    And with that, the man lumbered off, foghorn of a voice fading as he waded between the bustling crowds of people.
    Over? Does he mean my life? And this is no costume, these are my clothes!
    It was then that I saw all that was around me. Or rather, wasn’t. There was no ocean, no stormy horizon. Just an imposing sea of uniform blue, rising above and below the mock-up of his ship, which was sunk into the very same stuff!
    What have they done to my beauty!?
    Too, there were men – and women – in strange garb, milling about with what looked like enlarged and quite ornate telescopes and looking glasses, all aimed at the boat.
    But shouldn’t they be pointed at the sky?
    But as I look up, I realise there is no sky there. There are no dark and angry clouds, no flashes of sparkling lightning, no wheeling sea-birds crying in the gales.
    No, it looks like the inside of, of a ship! But these are ribs of metal, with ropes of silver dangling from them. But why? And how?
    And then, I remembered: the wizard.
    I must find him!
    I spy a horse though one of the doorways, and I slowly make my way to it, sneaking carefully, not wanting to be caught by the pirates once more.
    Almost there, just about.... got it!
    My prize possessed, I dig my heels and set off. Off, to find the Wizard.

The End

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