A miracle or magic?

An errant wave hit me cross-ways as I plummetted.  Thus sent head over heels, I tumbled quite ingloriously into the deep.  For want of anything better to do, I struggled against my bonds and against the confusing turbulence of the sea.  Up became somewhere to my left and back.  Down toyed with me from the right, or was it now the left?

The dark green of the sea turned a sparkling blue, and something only barely more substantial than a vapor grabbed me about the middle.  Before reason could make sense of the scene my face collided with a rough, barnacled surface causing the seawater to erupt from my gullet only to be replaced with stagnant air.  But it was air.  How could this be?

Daring one eye to open, I surveilled the scene, an eerie tableau cast in mystic blue light.  The surface below me (or was it above me?) was the wood of a ship, sloping down away from me in all directions, covered with barnacle cones.  Perhaps a dozen small, squat men peered at me with dark, beedy eyes.  Each man wore multiple, mis-matched layers of grubby clothes  and a cluttered pack upon his back.  A further cast of my gaze revealed the sea, swirling, majestic green all about us and above, as if outside a large bubble.

The most wizened of this diminutive crew approached with a giggle in his throat and rasped quite cheerily, "Well, me bucko, welcome ta the underside o' the ship."

The End

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