Adventures Of An Ordinary Man

As I walked down the plank the pirates sword poking me painfully in the back I silently cursed my grandfather for ever giving me that damned treasure map and my own curiosity at wanting to know what the precious treasure could be.

"Move" the tip of the sword pressed harder into my spine and I took another tentative step forward. How the hell was I going to get myself out of this one!

"When you get to the other side tell the old man I'll enjoy the bounty enough for both of us" the jeering voice of Captain Beluga floated down to me from the door of his cabin, the map held triumphantly in his fist.

I considered shouting that he'd never get away with this but he already had and besides it wouldn't get me out of the sticky situation in was currently in. So the only thing left to do was jump and hope for the best, preferably a miracle. Taking a deep breath I threw myself of the end of plank and landed on......solid ground?


The End

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