The jet of water sprayed the worm with a mighty force. It was only when the worm wiggled closer did I realise my predicament. Moussaw was a water type, and just like that Eaglide weak to Electricity.

"Canopole, lick!" Allen cried from behind me. He'd sent out his disadvantaged pokemon to help me. What a good friend. The Bulbug was repeatedly bashed with Canopole's long purple tongue, leaving it in a daze "Attack, Scherman!"

"Oh right!" I gasped "Scratch, Moussaw" Moussaw ran over to the dazed Bulbug, but his speed was something we needed to work on.

"Bulbug!" It cried as it bit down on Moussaw's shimmering claws. Moussaw winced nor cried but rather smirked just as I did.

"Water Gun!" I cried. The blast of water blasted the worm clean off of his hand and sent it crashing into a tree. Bits of fallen snow smoothered the weakened Bug Pokemon. I threw the pokeball and grinned towards Allen. He returned his Canopole just as I heard the most satisfying noise in my life. I had captured a Bulbug!

"I can't wait to reach Poppyseed Town!" I cheered "My Bulbug is going to smash your Canopole"

"Who says I'm using Canopole?" Allen smirked. I looked at him dumbfounded, causing him to laugh "Look at all the pokemon, Scherman, I'm going to catch another pokemon, not just the first one I see, though"

Allen walked forwards onto the thin grass and baby bulbs with a wave of confidence over him. It was irritating and arrogant, but there was something about Allen I loved. I felt we were going to become good friends.

"Allen, look!" I cried pointing into the denser parts of the woods. A figure was hovering and moving through the trees. It didn't dodge the trees, the trees dodged it. It was an amazing pokemon that I had to know about. I grabbed my pokedex and stared into the pokemon's eyes. They frowned at me in anger and shone psychic blue.

"Psi-Psi-Psi" It hissed. My pokedex hovered out of my hands and flew into Allen, winding him severelly. "Psi-Psi-Psilic!" It charged towards me, psychic energy flowing madly through the route. I crumbled to the floor holding my bursting head. I dared to open one eye as this unique pokemon flew high above the clouds. It was made of stone with wierd black markings along its torso. It was like a statue, or a relic.

"Allen" I gasped as I finally stood up "That was Psilic, a legendary pokemon"

The End

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