Follow the right path

The lab door shut with a heavy thud allowing me and Allen to realise our sudden independence of solitude. We inhaled the crisp air simultaneously before heading off out of Newpine Town. The nearest Town was Newpine Town. It didn't host a gym or a standium but had a Battle Club. I planned for me and Allen to have our first battle their.

"So, where are you from Allen?" I asked after realising he was a complete stranger. My brother travelled with the two other starter trainers and got very far indeed. He says too strong friendship bonds slow you down. This seemed almost perfect.

"I'm from Oldale Town orignally" he replied "I entered contests in Hoenn and Sinnoh before coming here. I entered the Johto PokeAthlon once and got fourth in every event. So close to a medal and yet so far"

"The snow is getting thinner" I cheered excitedly "this is the furthest I've ever gone"

"Those first few steps are the most exciting" Allen announced and then stopped in his tracks "Pokemon." We each scanned our pokedexs, me on the bug pokemon and him on the bird pokemon. They were Bulbug and Eaglide respectively. They seemed in the middle of a duel. It was incredibly exciting.

"Eaglide's a flying type" Allen whispered "It's surely going to-"

"BULBUG!" the glowworm pokemon screamed. A bolt of thunder shot from its tail and struck the flying bird. Eaglide collapsed to the floor. Knocked Out

"What a pokemon" I gasped as the victor wriggled away. I'd never heard of a Bug Pokemon that had such an advantage over a flying type. I placed my hand on two pokeballs. One belonged to Moussaw, the other was the future home for that Bulbug.

"Moussaw, use Water Gun!" I cried throwing the pokeball.

The End

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