Canopole's Trainer

"Cano-Canopole" the small frog croaked as he leapt powerfully into the lap of our awakening visitor. The grass pokemon gently placed his stubby fingers on the face, barely touching the pale skin. Canopole extended his long magenta tongue and tickled the boy on the chin. His eyes shot open. 

"Where am I?" the boy groaned again, pressing his hand on his head. All the inhabitants of the lab leaned forward in awe at our new guest. He ran his hand through his dusty blonde hair and rubbed his sky blue eyes.

"You're in my laboratory" Willow explained "We found you in the lake, if it weren't for this Canopole and Moussaw you'd be long gone, I'm sure"

The boy was still getting use to his surroundings and senses. He silently whispered the pokemons names and got out his pokedex.

"That Pokedex will be useless in these parts," Willow laughed  "you need a top-of-the-range SeishoDex to look up these Pokemon" The Canopole launched itself on the boys neck and quietly croaked in contentment.

"What's your name?" I gingerly asked. For the first time, the boy noticed me and smiled.

"Allen" he replied. It took me a while to realise Willow was gone, but with ears burning, he came back holding two pokedexs and twelve pokeballs.

"These are for you two, to start your journies" Willow explained. I happily took mine and geared my belt up with the required accesories

"I'm challenging gyms with my new Moussaw?" I cheered "Are you doing gyms or PokeAthlon?"

"PokeAthlon?" Allen grunted, standing up from his cosy armchair, Canopole in arm, "Is that the what passes as contests in Seisho?"

"Instead of pokemon contests with co-ordinators, in Seisho coaches train their pokemon to win gold in any of the five olympic cities"

"Where is the nearest one of these contest cities?" Allen asked, incredibly intrigued

"Dogwood Town, just east of Hawthorn City" Willow interrupted. He smiled at me because he knew we were thinking the same thing. I turned to smile at Allen. A duo had been formed.    

The End

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