Adventures in Seisho

My pokemon adventure story with a twist! All the pokemon used are from my invention!

"Oh, Scherman, you're here?" Professor Willow gasped, as he picked up a shiny pokeball. On his table stood two pokemon, a cute green frog pokemon and an even cuter blue mouse pokemon. These were the starter pokemon in the Seisho Region but where was Timris, the orange kitten fire starter.

Today was the day I was due my starter pokemon. I was much older than most other starting trainers but I had competed in three more leagues and started my journey with a new starter each time.

"This is Lewis, a rookie trainer just like you" Willow explained. I walked forward and extended my hand to greet the black haired boy but instead let go of his Timris, so it could elegently fall to the floor.

"The only time I'll shake your hand" he replied "is when I smash you in the Seisho league, if you get that far" I retracted my hand sheepishly and smiled awkwardly towards Willow, who just a sheepishly shrugged.


"Mouss-Moussaw" The starter pokemon cried leaping off the table. The duo sprinted towards the open door and into the snowy streets of Newpine Town. I chased after them and Willow was hot in pursuit. I had heard people say that pokemon can sense trouble, and something had clearly got these pokemon agitated.

"Don't run away!" I told them when we finally caught up several yards from the lab. The Canopole tugged on my jeans and pointed its stubby fingers towards the Suchie lake. Moussaw was running towards the icy lake and before my very eyes dived in.

"Go! Beaverk!" Willow shouted, releasing his own pokemon. His giant silver and navy beaver pokemon dived into the lake and fished Moussaw out, along with a person! The Steel Beaver dragged the body into Willow's lab where he was diagnosed to be alive. He was very close to death and very cold, so Willow rested him on a chair near the blazing fire. Lewis had long gone, to face the closest gym on the otherside of Hawthorn Woods. That just left me, Professor Willow and the stranger in his lab.

"You know Scherman," Willow finally announced "this Beaverk started out as a young Moussaw much like yours. Very few young pokemon would dive into a freezing lake like that!"

"Like mine?" I gasped. I looked down to the blue Moussaw below me. He looked adorable as he lay asleep in my lap with his fur only half dried. "He is mine, isn't he?"

"Wh-Where am I?" the body stirred.  

The End

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