The Cable Breaks

Naturally, upon seeing these animals emerge from the trees, Marcus did no feel at all well. Not because he was suspended in a plastic bucket forty feet above them, but because he was fairly certain he was hallucinating. "Jessica," he said anxiously, patting his classmate's purple ski jacket. "Jessica, can you see them too?"

"Course I can see them, idiot," retorted Jessica. "And don't touch me." Marcus withdrew.

"What should we do now?" he asked her.

"Bloody hell!" Jessica exploded. "Do you need me to give you orders? They're probably harmless. It's not time to worry yet."

It's not time to worry yet. Marcus, whose life had taken a rather weird twist in the last half an hour, sat tight and looked down, past his skis and the footrest to teh circling wolves, who were snarling and barking up at him.

"Marcus!" shouted Jules, his best friend, from the seat behind him. Marcus turned, making his own seat swing. "You all right?"

"Just fine," said Marcus, casting a thumb at Jessica, and pulling a face. Jules grinned.

"Students!" Everyone turned, it was Mr. Gallin. "Students, there's no need to worry. The wolves will go away in a second. I advise you to all sit still."

"Sir?" It was Jessica. She lifted her ski goggles, and Marcus noticed - for the first time - her hazel eyes. "Is this going to be like us waiting for the cable to move again?"

General agreement followed. "I told you to sit and wait, Jessica," retorted Mr. Gallin. "I'm sure it'll start moving in a little while."

"Sir?" Jessica said again. "We've been sitting here for an hour."

"All right, so patience is a virtue!" replied Mr. Gallin heartily.

The wolves looked like they didn't want to go away. Marcus stuck his cold fingers under his armpits and prepared himself to wait this one out. He stopped after another hour and a half, by Jules.

"Sir?" he shouted. "Sir, help!"

The wolves were circling more frantically now, and howling. Marcus turned. "Sir, help!" cried Jules. "Sir, the cable's breaking!"

The End

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