Adventure in Jungle

Searching for the lost treasure in the jungle to bring back to his true love Mathilda, Ibo Bantura got lost himself.

Once he tried to find the way which was to the base camp. He wanted to know the direction, but he had already  lost his compass. when he thought about how he could find the way, suddenly some strangers who looked like a tribe of this jungle appeared in front of him. They had black skin and were armed with long spears made of wood and arrowheads of flint.. Even though Bantura hid himself as quickly as possible, the strangers recognized his presence before he had notice them.  As Bantura contacted his eyes with them, he was able to notice that they wanted to approach him. After A few seconds with silence, the strangers chased Bantura as he started to runaway to the forest. Bantura just kept running without search his back. when he felt tired and looked his backside, the strangers still chased him shouting some words. Bantura was so scared that he couldn't notice the tree in front of him. He crashed the tree and fell down. He tried to stand up but he couldn't meanwhile they came to him. When the strangers caught him, he thought that he will be killed by the strangers.   

The End

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