Advent of the Court: Bleeding on the Tile

Part of a series of short scenes I have yet to bring together for an actual Novel I wish to write, is the tragic and horrific childhood of the infamous Robin Goodfellow. (Female Depiction)

Part 1: The Older Girls

Puck heard a lot of things from the older girls. Many things, so many things, one could not count them in a single sitting. As far as Puck was concerned, the older girls deserved her attention, because they knew what happened. Even more so, they knew what the man in the house did. Puck was inclined to listen to what they said. For she found in her small, little  world, their word was truth.

Their word was her law, their word was her Sunday sermon, and their word was her book to survival in the harsh life she led.

Not meaning to say Puck chose to be born from the womb of an exiled prostitute, a discarded daughter of an earl. Not meaning to say Puck asked to be neglected and beaten, tied outside in the bitter cold, naked, and on display.

But all the same, Puck was born where and to whom she was. Her job was to do her best to thrive in the present. The older girls helped her do such.

But today, not all the older girls on the estate could stop what happened. Pucks blood was coming, and it frightened her. The elder girls had described horrors of what that man would do to her when this happened.  Puck recalled the conversation quite clearly, Agathe was as usual fidgeting with her fingers as Agape her twin sister did the chores.

                  "Agathe, wouldn't you say the old man has had enough sex in his days to have wasted his sperm?"  said Agape as Agathe swung her feet madly under the table.

                 "Indeed. But he hasn't yet has he? Oh dear youth! Poor Puck!" Puck remembered looking her in the eye and seeing true sorrow in her eyes, despite Agathe's usual light spirit. Agape turned to Puck and sighed.

                  "Yes dear child, once blood begins to flow like urine from your sweet and bliss 'nothing' he will come for you." Agape paused, "But fret not darling, it will only hurt the first couple times." Agathe nodded,

                   "Most certainly! Even when he rids you of your child, you will be alright. It is only when you are able to give birth that the bad things will begin." Puck was shocked, at the age of 13, the thought of even having a live being in her stomach for more than a couple days or more was quite scary. She was having her childhood stripped from her faster than you spend in the morning even thinking about your adulthood.

                    Agape sighed "If you have nice looking children, he will let them live. Rather than killing them." The nonchalance of her tone was so flat and lifeless, it was as if the life of children were not to be valued.

                    I  the entire conversation, Puck's childhood innocence and bliss could conjure up one question. "Why did he let me live?"

                    The last thing Puck remembered was Agathe pulling at her cheeks and saying "Cause your just as cute as a button!"

Puck couldn't believe how little the talk with Agathe and Agape had prepared her for what was happening now.

Puck learned that day that she couldn't always depend on the Older Girls.


The End

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