Nobody can sleep

No-one slept that night, but no-one spoke either. If you spoke loud enough that Suzanne could hear you at night  you would get into trouble. Three times and you would get a strike. If you got three strikes, which could be gained by breaking any important rule, then you were punished, according to Suzanne. No-one seemed to know how. 

That morning the girls had arrived at Advanced Britain. There were 'ambulance' rides again, only this time the children were concious. Pepe strained to look out the window to see what the Advance looked like. 

The Advanced got their names from their medical discoveries. Some people called the Trusts, all related, made people live longer. They wiped out massive diseases. But they weren't all good. They were controlling. The Trust family were arrogant people. They thought they ruled the Earth, or at least the country. The people who disagreed, led by Kaspar Pike who was in charge of Real, thought that this was wrong, that people should just face the troubles in life. Finally the Trusts and the Pike family formed Advance and Real, the two parts of the country. There was no war. Not ever. 

The views from the windows were like the big cities in Real but... bigger. The buildings were in strange shapes, there were roads supported by metal poles that surrounded them. Solar panels and windmills everywhere. And all grey.

The journey had taken almost a day. Pepe was given no food, but a tablet in the morning. It seemed to fill her up for the whole day. 

Sometime in the evening the 'ambulance' stopped. Pepe realised that this time yesterday, she would be stitching a quilt and be about the be called for dinner. Had it only been twenty four hours ago?

'Pepe!' Lalen had hissed, grabbing her wrist. She had managed to get on the same ambulance as her. 'What's that?' 

Everyone was being led by the guards into a huge grey building. Then through indistinguishable grey corridors and stair cases to a dormitory. Suzanne and Alyssa were there, still shaken by Willow's sudden death. Pepe knew no more about Willow, except that her replacement was called Fay. She had a severe bun and sunglasses, and Pepe knew instantly that it was the woman from the ambulance yesterday.  

On her bunk was a compartment under her pillow. Pepe was relieved to find a hairbrush and toothbrush. She brushed her long blonde hair until it was perfect, like she did at home. They were given pyjamas, identical to the current clothes but white and with no pass pocket. The passes were to be put into the pillow compartment, along with the salvage possessions. 

Then they were told to sleep.

After being kidnapped, her family killed, taken to a strange place, meeting a crazy woman with a needle who dropped dead for no reason, Appielle was asked to go to sleep.

She stayed awake most of the night.

The End

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