The look on Willow's face changed. Her violet eyes went cold, and fixed on Pepe.  Her slim, petite hand crept up and clutched the needle. Pepe realised Willow had brilliant nails, the exact same shade as her eyes, with gold glitter and stars.  It was strangely effective with her satin lime dress and long black curls.

"What is your name?" Willow murmured.

Pepe, too stunned to speak just pointed to her pass.

"Thank you." Willow said. "That is all for today. We should expect to finish the journey in an hour." She stood up, slipping the needle into her apron pocket and walked away, her sandals leaving a slight print in the carpet. 

As soon as she was gone, noise erupted. Several girls burst into tears instantly, their parents' death sinking in at last. Pepe was on the verge of doing this. Her eyes stang with the effort of trying not to cry. She couldn't. Because nearly everyone's eyes were looking at her. 

"What was that about?" Said an older girl called PEARL STERNER. 

"I...don't know." Pepe whimpered.

"Pearl, she knows as much as you do." Said someone whose long hair covered her pass. She was crying. 

"I don't know, Becky. I just thought there was something special about her!" Pearl called back, irritated.

Pepe could not be bothered to listen to them anymore. She got out the piece of fabric from the pocket. She was doing a complicated design. Initially, it brought on another wave of sadness. But when she started stitching, it felt better. Like everything was normal. The colour green of the thread she was using relieved her somehow. She could forget about...


The scream made everyone silent. It didn't sound like it was made by anyone in the room. Alyssa burst through the door telling everyone to stay calm. Suzanne was in the door frame, trembling. And behind Suzanne's patent black boots, Pepe could see the cause of fear. Willow lay completely motionless, her ringlets sprayed around her head like a spider's web. Her violet eyes wide and expressionless.

And Pepe knew it was to with the Forbidden Game.

The End

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