North of England.

It turned out that the voice belonged to a woman called Mellisa. She was quite old, but was trying to look young with her asymmetric hair and bright blue contacts. Pepe first met her probably when they were shoved on the boat. She was in the L room, because of her surname, and Lalen in the S room, so she knew nobody here. 

She was a a furniture-less room in the boat somewhere, with windows that stretched to the ceiling to the floor.

There were lots of girls here. Ten of them where chatting in a semicircle, obviously terrified but trying to keep calm. Two older girls were looking out of the window to the waves stroking the sand. Some girls younger than Pepe hunched in the middle and shivered. It was freezing. And the North of England, where Mellisa said they were going, was apparently colder. 

'Sssh!' That was Willow, glaring and some of the noisier girls. She was one of women who had to be responsible for the Real girls. Pepe was figuring out whether Willow's purple eyes, surround by stars drawn in eye liner,  were naturally that colour. Probably not. You could dye your eyes in Advanced Britain. Eew. 

Willow had two helpers, Alyssa, a woman with short red hair and a lot of gold jewellery, and Suzanne, who was not much older than Pepe had dip dyed her blonde hair pink. Apart from a simple white apron, they had no unifom. Why did the Reals need them then?

The boat finally started to move. Pepe was slumped alone, pressing her forehead against the glass of the window. She could not help but think of her mother's face, like she knew this was going to happen. Then the sound of her hitting the floor. Why did she know about this? Couldn't she have told me? Pepe thought. She realized she was shaking, and saw in the reflection of the window that her face had gone white, and her grey eyes glistened, here long hair tangled. She looked awful, and felt the same way. Pepe knew she must not cry. No-one had on the boat. Then that thought finally woke her up.

Does anyone realise what has happened today?

The End

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