The Coast

Pepe stayed awake for the next ten minutes, but eventually nodded off without anaesthetic. Even in her sleep she felt tense to know that the woman was staring at her and would kill her if she spoke. 

She woke to "We have three...yes, all" The woman spoke onto a mobile phone. "A girl and two boys. One a baby...about two? The others...girl's early teens, boy about ten or eleven...none was the girl...Parents? Dad nowhere to be seen, Mum was there, yes, on her way to be disposed of.That girl? ...yes...yes...I'll do that if she says another word."

Pepe gulped. She couldn't wake up...or...or she'd be...

"That's all." The Advanced put her phone down. Pepe noticed it was slimmer and shinier than most. 

A voice from the front murmured something again. The woman undid Pepe's lock as the Grey ambulance halted. Eyelids stuck together, Pepe could only hear the the car doors being opened. Despite being already sick with nerves, Pepe's anxiety turned to shock as painfully cold water punched her in the face. 

"Get up." A voice said. 

Pepe rubbed her eyes and sat up. She saw that her brothers had been splashed with water too, and Theo howled because of it. The man who she assumed was the driver grabbed him and clung on to him aggressively.

Henry was once again failing to fight off the woman. She grabbed his wrist so hard his hand went white and dragged him whimpering outside. 

Pepe didn't fight back when another man led her out the van to by the coast. Or when she was led a different way from Henry and Theo, therefore breaking her mothers' promise. Or when her braid was undone and her shoes and her cardigan stolen. Not even when she saw her arm was bleeding from the injection several hours earlier. She was relieved to see many other girls her age, scruffy hair, bleeding arms and shivering from the sea air in their sleeveless spring dresses and bare peeking out from the hem. There were all being led to some kind of gate, queuing up and entering one at a time. Pepe stood and waited until her feet ached.

Eventually she got to the gate. Something peered out the window. "Name?" they screeched.

"Apielle Lowry."

The person typed something in the computer.



"Ugh. When you born?"

"Second November Twenty-Seventy-Four."

"Where did you live?" The 'did' made Pepe almost cry.


"Look at the camera." Flash.

A bit of paper came out a printer under the desk. The man Pepe was with took it before Pepe could and shoved it in her fist. 

The words on the top would stay with Pepe forever.



Pepe had never done anything illegal in her life. 

Except being born a Real Human.

The End

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