The Grey Ambulance

Pepe forgot about the whole thing in her sleep. She woke slowly and normally, expecting her to be in her own bed and knowing she should get up. She didn't open her eyes and kept falling back asleep. By the time Pepe opened them, she knew. Like when you wake up and realize you're staying somewhere different. 

Only worse.

Pepe was in an ambulance, no, it was different. Everything was grey, as if she was in a black and white photo. Henry was slumped in a bed, and Theo in a travel cot, also unconscious. All three squashed in something not much bigger than a van, with one of the weird-clothed men looking at the only window. Pepe was in a bed too, but none of them had duvets or much space or comfort. They were grey, too.

"Where are we going?" Pepe sat up.

The man turned around, and Pepe realized it was a woman. Females shouldn't have jobs like this, Pepe thought. That is A Poor Contribution to Real, Pepe was always told. The only people who gave women jobs was the-

No. Not them.

The Advanced woman was glowed white with rage. 

"Can you answer me? Where are we going? Are you going to kill me? Just leave my brothers alone."

The woman stepped forward, and gestured her had to the drivers. "One woke up."

A voice from the front said something.

"What are you doing?" Pepe pleaded. The woman strapped what was like a seatbelt across Pepe's stomach. Her nails were sharp and scratched her skin. Pepe felt dull to see  there was a lock on the belt.  The woman lent over her.

"Silence or you'll end up like your mother." Her creased lips spat.

End up like your mother. Pepe remembered hearing her mother cry out, and seeing her limp feet spattered with blood. Unlikely as it was, she had hoped to see her mother again. Now she knew she never would.

The End

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