Advance Real

I couldn't think if a decent title. What this is is a story set in the future where the planet is split into two halves. One is where everyone is vegetarian, lives to 200 (even the fragile insects that otherwise have a lifespan of a day) of and never get ill. The other thinks that this is wrong and live very similar to us, but can have prejudiced views.

The Real town of Riverham, England-19:21 5th March, 2089

Pepe was sewing a quilt.

Pepe was one of those people who always had to make things. Normally it was stories. She always asked by her mother to tell stories to her little brother when she was younger. And when her very little brother was old enough, she would tell them to him too. Now the older one of them, Henry was ten, he never listened to anyone.  The younger, Theo, would just toddle after him.

Someone suggested Pepe should use her creativity to make something. She wanted to invent something with advanced technology but they said that that was what men did. Girls were the weaker ones and she should just do something to help her brothers survive and achieve things she couldn't.

So Pepe was making a quilt for little Theo. Despite this doing everything for him, she loved him. She loved all her family. She didn't hate anyone in town, just the Advance.

Normally when some people hate others they won't talk about them. In Real, this didn't apply. People loved telling you about how horrible they were. 

"You know, the Advanced don't eat any meat!" Pepe's mother said as she served the the roast beef. She sat down. "If there's a God he would hate them, I know. Life's not meant to be perfect. Henry, that's enough gravy!"

Henry slumped the gravy jug on the table. Pepe dropped her quilt, reached for it and drizzled it lightly over her dinner. Her mother continued. "Really, I wouldn't join them even if they brought your dad...What was that?"

The dining room window had smashed and people were running through the frame, dressed in unfamiliar clothing. Thye snatched Theo who was screeching. Henry was doing his best to beat up these strangers but he wasn't as strong as he had hoped. He was grabbed too.

"Mum..." Pepe turned to her mother, expecting her to fight them off. Instead she stayed put, eyes full of water and ready to spill down her cheeks. Her face looked as though she knew this would happen one day. "Pepe, it's...them."

"Who?" Someone took Pepe and were dragging her away. She elbowed him in the stomach. He let go. "Mother, who?" 

"Look after your brothers, Pepe." Mother whispered. 

Pepe heard the man whispering to others. "Get some anaesthetic."  Soon, she felt something sharp and mildly painful pierce her arm and someone drag her away.

And as she lost consiousness, she heard her mother's cry and saw her feet limp on the floor.

The End

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