Adu's Angels

This Story is of a little girl named Adu who had special friends. The tale goes on to tell its readers how little Adu's angels play with her, help her and teach her many lovely things...

It was a hot afternoon. Adu was as usual playing with her twin brother, Abhu, when, all of her sudden Rose, her fave angel whispered to her. Rose hadn't visited her since a long long time. "Hey sweet baby, how are you?"

"Rose! You didn't come to play with me for so many days.... look... how many new toys I have now!" Adu was excited to see Rose after so many days. There  was yet another reason why Adu waa very happy and excited. Her grandparents had come down for the summer and had got her a lot of toys to play with -- puzzles, dolls, toy cars... whew! so many things.

"Adu, baby.. i was so busy... ok first answer me, 'why aren't you sleeping this afternoon? You woke up very early ,didn't you?'," Rose asked Adu, a little sternly.

" Iam not sleepy.. I want to play," Adu replied, holding Abhu's hand.

"Adu? Abhu?", came mamma's voise from the other room. "Come babies, It's time to sleep."

"No, No sleep," chorused abhu and adu.

"No sleep, then no play in the garden in the evening," retorted mamma.


The End

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