So i wrote this because i'm not feeling too great this past week and i don't think i can still see a light at the end of the tunnel anymore. Nothing is going to alleviate my pain. I'm never going to get better, and i've finally grasped my inevitable realization that i'm never going to be content. I'm lost and i'm not coming back.

I have this incredibly terrible itch for solitude. I think i’ve always felt more at ease when i haven’t got peoples malicious eyes scanning over me. I feel better when i’m alone. I prefer tranquility, it just puts my mind at ease instead of having this repetitious cycle of thoughts fluttering inside me, eating away at me. Detachment creates this warm, calming sentiment searing through me and it’s this powerful craving i always desire when i crumble into sadness. Sadness is inescapable, it slowly drifts through the cracks of your consciousness. I prefer to be alone, in my mind, in reality. My presence is visible to others but my mind has drifted away, like a neglected boat drifts from shore when it’s not anchored. My mind capsized, withering away into a frail nothingness.

The End

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