Night Terrors

''Let me go let me go let me go!''

Sarah ran upstairs to Bethany's room, her heart pounding.   She flung the door open.   And stopped.   Bethany was sound asleep. Her little five-year old face was flushed and her covers thrown back.   One pillow was on the floor.

Sarah sighed, and walked to her daughter's bed, her chest easing, her heart slowing to normal.   She considered giving her a cuddle, but Bethany looked peaceful.   Just a nightmare – a short one. No point in disturbing her.   So she pulled the covers up and tucked them around Bethany's neck, and retrieved the pillow.   She touched her little girl's soft, cool cheek with the back of her hand, and smiled.   She left the bedroom, leaving the door slightly ajar.

Behind her, the girl sat up in bed.   The girl who was no longer her daughter.   Her eyes opened, and watched the woman walk toward the top of the stairs.   She rose from the bed, and went to stand by the slightly open door.

The woman would return soon, and the person in the body of the little girl would abandon this body and take hers.   It was stronger, more suited to its purpose.   Thanks to the girl's last words, it knew exactly how to summon the woman.

The girl had been easy.   The woman would be easier.   Especially if she was holding this body, this host, close to her.   The woman had not been close enough last time, had not held her.   This time she would.

It lay back on the bed.   And shouted.

''Let me go let me go let me go!''

The End

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