Adorably Romantic Challenge

A few steps away from Protagonize's previous Diabolically Villainous Challenge, the idea here is to depict a great couple; Be them great because they are twisted, insane, or just plain normal, it doesn't matter. Just make them great. And yes, I did miss Valentine's Day.

Dusted curtains that once may have been a dark maroon, but are now simply brown frame the stage. A rat scurries out of the desolate theater, a piece of what may or may not have been popcorn gripped in his teeth. In the darkness, the footsteps seemed endless as one figure made its way to the front of the stage. "Oh my, this will certainly not do," she mutters, scratching her head idly. "Only three days, and the Challenge Theatre is now completely ruined! What a world!"

The snaps her fingers, and the few measly lights that still work pop on, revealing that she is wearing a red satin dress. "Well, what can I do..." she murmurs to herself, glancing around for inspiration. The stops as she looks down. "Ah! I'm wearing a red dress! Red for blood! A villainous challenge, maybe?"

Despite the theater's lack of customers, a tomato still manages to find its way into her hair. "Okay, okay..." she improvises, "Apparently we've heard that one already. Okay, then... red for love. It was just Valentine's Day after all. A Romantic Challenge it is."

Another snap of her fingers, and suddenly the theater is ablaze with light. It is as if the desolate, miserable place that had been there previously is no more. Now the stage stands high against a huge audience of no less than one thousand. She smiles, satisfied. "Well," she clarifies quickly, "Nothing over a PG-13 level, I'd like to keep this from being flagged mature. Otherwise, no real restrictions. Oh, and techinically this theater wasn't mine... that'd be G2's. And as for the ending date... I missed Valentine's day, didn't I? Then I'll just end it at the last day of March. Cheers!" She blows a kiss to the audience and walks off the stage.

The End

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