the name says it all

   For years i thought my name was Joseph. Till i was twelve i thought my name was Joseph. I grew quite attached to that name in those twelve years. So attached that even as my best friend calls out to me at this very moment, i do not hear him. Now of course you're sitting there saying " how do you know he's calling if you do not hear him?"  I have but one thing to say. Shut up and let me write!

   My name, which if you recall, is not Joseph, is actually Adolfo. Quite a switch there, no? And there was no in-between time either. It was one day im happy little Joseph. The next , I see my birth certificate, Adolfo. I asked my mom about it, and she just shrugs and says " ask your father." But , of this you did not know , he is dead. She knew this and still said it. Now im no sissy, a wuss you could say. This still tore at my heart.

   "He will have the answers for you." She happily says as if he were still here. The funny thing is that this was the same day she hung herself in my playroom. From that moment on I was known as Adolfo. Not just known as Adolfo, but I am Adolfo. And if you didn't hear my name enough times, Adolfo. I want you to be able to look back to these worn down , beat up pages and say, Adolfo really was the wolf he was meant to be.

   You, unless your name is Adolfo, or really did your research, probably didn't know that my name meant proud wolf. And if you did know then la-de-da. Noone cares really. Also you must remember that i mean Adolfo, not Joseph. In fact we should number them. Joseph will be name number one and Adolfo will just be name. Sound good to all of you? Great, i knew we could get along!

   Back to the friend that was calling me. Her name, Orion, is a very touchy subject for her. Basically that's a nice way of saying , if you want your face smashed in with a black belt judo chop, make fun of her name. Otherwise just pretend it's the best name for a girl since Sarah.

   " Have you heard yet? The great news? Have you? Huh huh?" Orion actually spoke like this. She would talk on about it whether you have heard the news or not. But seeing as i was the latter i was interested in what she had to say.

" Orion you know you're always the first to hear of news. Just tell me already!" I always could practice my great and vast patience.

' They have actually found a proven way to stop growing up! We can be kids forever!!" Orion has this obsession with childhood and living as a kid. She is 13 but has the mind of an old philosophical professer. She feels that childhood is the best time for youthful events and innocence.

" Orion are you sure about this? you have said this before and been wrong. And might i add that you felt terribly depressed for weeks?"

" But this time is different!! Just you watch. I will find out the ingrediants and make some. Then you will come back, hoping for eternal youthfulness. And i will just have to decide whether or not i want you to have it." Orion can be such a girl sometimes...

The End

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