Up In The Sky

Punz actually came to be glad that he had spread the story. Prince's roadie, Fred, heard about Punz's betrayal and decided to climb the tower to meet the jilted girl. Fred was a lad that had already seen to many pints of ale and pie, and he had to admit it was a struggle even getting halfway up. He was not as sensible as the Prince had been and had neglected to wear safety gear, so the thought of falling to his death paled his freckled face and he climbed ever quicker to safety.

 Punz was more than surprised to see a pale hand groping her windowsill. She had taken to escaping now, tossing her hairy rope out of the window on overcast nights when her mother wouldn’t hear the grunting over the waling of the wind. She had taken in scenery, breathed the fresh air and, more importantly, sorted out the way she looked. The Witch had observed the change and even gave Punz many a herb to help her lose weight, and many a roving eye had been cast over her in the past weeks. They had, however, gone unnoticed. She was constructing a male hate piece for the local "Wives, not Wenches" group when he arrived. As he pulled himself over the windowsill, she took in his potbelly, ginger hair and short stature. But he had the sparkle of intelligence in his eyes, something that Prince hadn’t had.

 "What do you want?" she said, her voice trembling with an emotion she couldn’t place. It wasn't fear or anger. What was it? "You know it's illegal to come into my room without permission".

 He had been whooping for breath until this point, and his face flushed with red. It swooped down the colour scale for a few seconds but almost immediately reddened again.

 "I- I- I'm sorry... Just- Just- Just really wanted to see you," he gasped. "You're, you're novel was amazing, I have a copy at home."

 That was all the confirmation she needed. Without any hesitation, she flung herself away from her desk and kissed him full on the mouth.

 The were married that year, in the Tower with only a select group of villagers and the Nanny attending, before they left the castle to travel the world with Fred's new band and Punz's novel, both uncannily named Happily Ever After.

The End

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