Punz and the Prince

Contrary to popular belief, the Witch was a very reasonable woman and simply adhered to the stepmother’s wishes. She respected the dead, and visited Rapunzel’s mother’s grave every other Tuesday.

 Rapunzel, or Punz as she preferred to be called, preferred to wake them. She screamed, swore, threatened, cajoled and eventually begged to be released, but all to no avail. The Witch was a rock.

 Punz wanted for nothing - she doted over the new gothic styles sweeping the continent and the Witch gladly dyed yards of lace jet black and fashioned her witchy outfits. Punz would hang out of her window at night, her newly black hair swaying in the breeze beneath the moon.

 The gothic among the village soon heard of the incarcerated princess and gathered around her tower, holding up candles and bringing local musicians to play beneath the stars. By this time, Punz had been locked up for a year.

 One fateful night, a musician caught her eye, or rather her black lacy lingerie. He was the lead singer of the most famous local band, the Flaming Stalks. His name was Prince. Prince soon felt the same way, but the couple wanted their relationship to go further than shouted conversations and one-way letters would allow.

 The Witch soon got wind of Punz's budding love affair and she forcibly disbanded the twilight gatherings. The young Goths were not best impressed and Punz's cries of 'witch' and 'cow' among other pieces of interesting and colourful vocabulary earned her a reputation among the villagers.

 The poor woman tried to defend herself by saying that although she was not the most aesthetically pleasing person in the village, she lived in an isolated castle in the middle of the woods and she kept a girl that wasn't her biological daughter forcibly imprisoned, that didn't automatically make her a witch.

 She lost the majority of the villagers from the word 'aesthetically' and needless to say, the rumours stuck and the Witch was forced into complete seclusion. She had to grow her own herbs and vegetables and this just lead to further whisperings of the occult at château Punz.

The End

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