Adolescent Heights

A wee mash up of teh story of Rapunzel.

Not the greatest, but something I wrote for creatiev writing class that got a few laughs, thought I'd put it up here.

There once was a girl named Rapunzel. Rapunzel was what would be commonly described as a wayward teenager - after her father died, she took to wild all night parties, drinking long draughts of ale in his memory and cavorting with the village boys.

 As a good parent, her widowed stepmother was out of her mind with worry. Confused and alone, she consulted her fellow fellow citizens who recommended 'Adolescents Heights' by Craig A. Snatcher.

 The book dictated that one's adolescent must be controlled by the iron rod and learn to fear their parents. As such, a teenager already given to waywardness must be subject to a long period of solitary confinement, one year for every one of their age.

 Rapunzel's stepmother was a fierce liberalist and it irked her so to implement a regime that impinged on her own daughter’s civil liberties. She hired a nanny at the insistence of her peers that would follow the books instructions to the letter. She later committed suicide by jumping from the biggest window of the highest tower, wracked by throbbing guilt.

 The nanny became Rapunzel's soul guardian and as a caring and responsible woman adopted her without a second thought. She was a squat, ugly woman with hairy moles, greasy mouse brown hair and a thick sausage of a moustache on her top lip. Of course, as the sort of teenager that Rapunzel clearly was, she didn't respect her new parental figure. She flung expletives at her at every available opportunity, and in fact, anything else that came to hand. Her favourite, or well, at the least her cleanest favourite name for her guardian was the Witch. Despite all she had done for her daughter, the Witch could do nothing but grimace and bear it.

The End

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