Adepts are similar to humans except each adept is born with a unique scar across the right eye and they have the power to use Psychic Energy or Psynergy for short. The story takes place in the year 2024 in that time racism doesn't exist but at the same time it has never been stronger. Since Humans greatly outnumber Adepts, the Humans force Adepts to live under special laws, actually the laws are similar to the Jim Crow Laws. The main character is Lee and the story is told in first person through

                                                              Chapter 1: The Last Days

    I woke as the bell rang through out the school signifying that class has ended and school was over. I packed my belonging into my backpack and left the classroom. I made my way towards the front gate. As usual, I received the same dirty looks from the Humans. Humans…they absolutely sicken me because the hate us Adepts. Humans fear and hate what is not normal; they are scared of those who are different. Especially in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan being different can be lethal. Naturally, Adepts aren’t welcome here.
    Humans fear our existence because we are possibly superior to them. Us Adepts look just like them except for a faint glow scar over our right eye since birth. Humans call us psychics since we manipulate almost anything with our minds. Since we have this power, we face discrimination based off of fear. Simply using out powers in public means imprisonment. Or death. I, personally, can’t understand humans based on there past. In the past Africa-Americans were enslaved and discriminated against. Although it took much time, human learned to live peacefully together. Now, in 2024, humans have learned to live in harmony. Racism doesn’t exist yet it has never been stronger.
    When the world and the U.S. government learned the number of Adept births were growing “accidents” and “disappearance” began. The entire world hates us. They fear we can overpower them. Laws were created that were aimed specifically against us. Adepts weren’t allowed to marry humans, use there powers, or to harass humans in any form. Of course we tried to argue this in court but our claim was dismissed because the laws were needed to maintained “national security”.
    I always dreamed us Adepts to have to have our own country…away from humans. But something like that might never happen in my lifetime.
    I arrive in the alleyway were people couldn’t see me. Yet I always checked my surrounding. Cameras? Rooftops? Humans? All were clear. I used to my psychic powers to create a six-foot-tall, gloomy, portal. When I stepped through the portal I was transported to the highest point of Bloomfield Hills near the Cranbrook House & Gardens. I normally come up here to do my homework and distance myself from the humans. Although I have to admit I loves sitting on this hill, it the only place where I could be myself without fear of death. Also if you pay attention carefully there is a fork in the road that leads to Cranbrook House & Gardens. The dirt path went into a dense area of trees and bushes.
     From the top of the hill you can see through the woods where an old mattress lies on the dirt. Teenagers, and sometimes adults, came to that area to have sex; some voluntary, some not. My best friend Michael would often watch since that was the only entertainment in town, at least for Adepts. Bloomfield Hills didn’t allow Adepts to enter the public facilities except for schools and hospitals. The two of us would often laugh at the women’s helplessness when she was raped. Watching humans turn on each other was satisfying. Although the women were only raped when they had something to hide. The students at the International Academy would take advantage of the girls who cheated on any test. Cheating means an automatic expulsion from the district and exile from all colleges, so the women couldn’t report the guys without ruining there future.
    As I studied I heard a portal open behind me. I didn’t bother to turn around since I knew it was Michael. Michael was your average high school senior with a diehard love for science and experiments, he is 17; the same age as me. Recently we’ve been conducting experiment to further understand ourselves. I mean out powers, of course. We would travel to different parts of the world, based on out powers, to train ourselves. Sadly we can only travel to places we’ve seen at any point in our lives.
    I was born with pyro, levitation and gravity psychic energy and Michael was born with cryo and portal psychic energy. We would portal to Death Valley to train me and portal to Antarctica to train Michael. Although psychic energy, or psynergy as we call it, training is illegal and punishable by death, we still train. Michael believes we are still a far cry from out true potential.
    “Hey Lee, are you ready to do more training?” says Michael
    “Michael. We attend the International Academy, the 2nd best high school in America. And IB Exams are tomorrow. Don’t you think we should study instead of risk our lives training?” I say.
    “Lee you and I both know Adepts are born with a higher IQ than humans. Plus you have A‘s in the classes anyway, so that test will barely be a challenge tomorrow. So get up and let’s go train!” exclaimed Michael.
    “Fine, let’s go.”
    Michael was right I really didn’t need to study. Also out naturally high IQ is another reason humans fear that we will become dominant.
    Michael and I play Janken decide wither to visit the desert or the artic first. Michael wins so we go to Antarctica. Michael opens a portal using his psynergy, already I can feel the cold from the other side. I step through the portal and almost instantly my body temperature drops. I use my Pyro Psynergy to create heat around me since I’m only wearing a plain t-shirt and jeans. Michael, being able to use Cryo Psynergy, has an extreme tolerance for the cold.
    For some reason I like the barren field of ice in Antarctica. Although I would do better in Death Valley, its much warmer. The way we experiment is by asking questions, no matter what the question is we try to meet it’s expectations.
    “How effective is your iceball?” I ask. Michael held his palm open and used his psynergy to create a glowing, white ball. He threw it and hit directly in my chest, a layer of ice covered on impact. I used my Pyro Psynergy to melt the ice and dry my clothes.
    “It seems to have gotten stronger, before the ice was much thinner. What weapons or protection can you make from ice?” Michael closed his eyes to focus. Ice began to creep from his forearm to his hands. The ice continued until he formed a blade. Michael continues to focus to make armor but was unsuccessful. “Okay, I think that‘s enough of your Cryo Psynergy let‘s focus on you Portal Psynergy.” I suggest.
    All Adepts are able to use Portal Psynergy except only few are able to use the stronger version to attack instead of just transportation.
    “How far can your portal reach?” I started to jog away from Michael until I was about fifty yards away from him. Michael created a small, round portal next to him. He thrust his ice blade through the portal and I felt the tip touch the back of my head. “That‘s good your able to reach farther.”
    “Okay final question, how many portals can you create around me?” Suddenly I felt the chill of the ice blade tip press against my temple and the back of my head. I used my Pyro Psynergy to raise the heat around me and melted the blade.
    “Okay I think that‘s enough training for one day.” I say. Michael was breathing heavily. I don’t blame him. Psynergy requires large amounts of energy and we can’t use it if were in a state of pain or shock. The hardest part is focusing and its hard to focus when your in pain. “Let‘s head to Death Valley to do my training.” I created a portal and we arrived in the scorching heat of Death Valley. Michael and I were in the dunes of Death Valley where the temperature was 112°F since it was early May. With my Pyro Psynergy the heat didn’t bother me but Michael couldn’t stand it.
    “Okay, let‘s hurry up and get this over with. What is the biggest fireball you can make?” I focused my mind to create a fireball about the size of a beach ball. Michael created a ice wall for protection. I launched the fireball and it exploded upon impact. Michael went flying backwards; his ice wall broken. I walked over to Michael and pulled him to his feet, he seemed a little dazed but unhurt. “That was wonderful, Lee! Your starting to become as powerful as me!” beam Michael.
    “Let’s move onto the next psynergy. How close to the ground can you bring me with your gravity psynergy?” I glare at Michael and released my gravity psynergy. I focused my psynergy specifically on Michael and not his surrounding area. Michael struggled to stand and soon fell to his knees. I continued to increase the gravity until Michael struggled to stay on all-fours. Finally I increase the gravity to the point where cried the gravity was too much for him. “That was better than before, your really starting to get better at this.”
    “Okay last question then we go eat dinner. How much can you levitate?” I relax my mind and allowed myself to drift in the air. Levitation is my favorite psynergy, second to Pyro Psynergy. Michael created two balls of ice and throws them at me. I used Levitation Psynergy to put the balls into orbit around me. Michael continued to create balls of ice and threw them at me. I have to increase my focus by the time I had eight balls in orbit. Four more came my way but I was only able to sustain eleven in a shaky orbit around me. “Okay, I think that’s enough for today. We‘ll continue our training after were done taking the IB Exams tomorrow.” says Michael. Michael created a portal back to Bloomfield Hills.
    I was nearly sunset about seven o’clock. “So, what do you want to get to eat?” asked Michael. I thought about it for a moment. Psynergy does burn tons of calories. “You know what, I’m in the mood for some fatty food. Let‘s go to Top Burger.”  
    I opened another portal from the hilltop to the alley in town. It would be more covenant to portal to the entrance of Top Burger, but dying wouldn’t do me any good. Michael and I keep to ourselves as we walk to the fast food restaurant. Once we were inside we fallowed the Adept Laws. The Adept Laws are based on discrimination, we were forced to allow all the humans to order first . When our turn arrived we simply order our food and waited to received it. When our number was called I went to receive the food. As I carried our bag back to our table I accidentally bumped shoulder with another man.
    “Watch were your walking punk!” yells the man. I ignored him and continued to walk.
    The man shoves me, “You think you can disrespect me, a Human, and not even say sorry?” The man’s voice escalated with rage. I simply tried my best to not kill him or do anything too reckless. The man continued to shoved me until I was backed into a corner.
    I have always hated the feeling of being backed into a corner. It made me feel trapped, threatened, and most of all small; like I was a mouse cornered by a hungry cat. Normally I extremely patient, even with Humans, but this Human has me backed into a corner and I felt the need to defend myself. My hatred and rage began to take over and I was tired from training, so my rational thinking was weakened.
    Without even thinking I used Levitation Psynergy and sent the man flying across the restaurant in to another wall. Everyone, including Michael looked at me in awe, as if I killed the man. But I didn’t force him into the wall hard enough to kill him, I probably cracked his shoulder blade but I know I didn’t kill him. Michael and I made eye-contact and he spoke to me using telepathy, Run! We both made a beeline for the door and we cut a few corners until we reached a random ally. Michael created a portal that we both jumped into.
    Michael’s portal lead us to the slab of stone planted atop of a waterfall.   
We arrived at a place we called The Sanctuary. The Sanctuary is actually a tropical remote island in the middle of the ocean. The island flourished with forest life and contained a gorgeous waterfall and enormous where Michael and I relaxed. We took a moment to catch our breath and collect our thoughts.
    I knew Michael was going to be furious for using psynergy in public. I expected, and prepared for, the worse.
    “Lee! What were you thing?” says Michael breathlessly.
    “I wasn’t rea-” I start.
    “That was amazing! You should’ve seen that guy’s face when you sent him flying!” laugh Michael, “He was so weak and defenseless he couldn’t even get up!” Michael continued to laugh until he was gasping for air, he was practically choking.
    I stood there in disbelief. I thought Michael would be furious now that we have to hide our faces for a few weeks. “Michael, I thought you would be mad at me.”
    “Why would I be mad?” laugh Michael, “The humans finally got what they deserved. Anyway, lets eat dinner I’m hungry.” I forgot I had the bag in my hand when we ran from Top Burger. I handed Michael his food and we ate in silence and just enjoyed the scenery from atop of the waterfall. After we finished eating we just relaxed laying across the rock, “Do you think they will ever accept us?” asks Michael.
    “Are you insane? The Humans will never accept us. Period.” I say harshly. Honestly I thought that was a stupid question coming from Michael.
    “Why do you hate the world so much?” asks Michael.
    “It’s simple really. Humans fear and hate what is not normal, they are scared of what is not normal. There solution is obvious, it for everyone to become the same. Which means they want all of us Adepts dead. Humans are shameless creatures, I believe they only accept each other now because they want to prove that they are better than us in any way. Not to mention, the Humans killed our parents.” I say.
    I remember that horrid day like it was yesterday. Although I was only one when the event occurred, I remember it perfectly.
    I remember my father was working in his office and my mother was in the kitchen preparing dinner. I was playing in the living room like any three-year-old would do. My father was a Human and my mother was an Adept, so there marriage was illegal and was punishable by death for the mother, father and child. I suppose my parents always knew this and was secretly wedded  but I wasn’t exactly sure.
    One day, about six o’ clock in the evening, we hear banging at the door and my father ran from his office to the front door while my mother swooped me into her arms. It was the police. The police demanded that my father opened the door to allow and inspection of the house in search for Adepts. My father asked to see the search permit but the police ignored him and used a battering ram the break down the door. Then I remember hearing the glass backdoor being shattered and cops began to open fire . My father jumped in fronts of my mother and sacrificed his life. Sadly my father was a little too slow and my mother had taken a bullet to the chest. She manage to work through the pain to create a weak force field until she escaped into the master bedroom. My mother collapsed, bleeding to death. With the last of her concentration she created a small portal and she pushed me through it. At the other end I arrived on a mysterious porch where I was taken in by another female adept.
    “I suppose your right. The Humans went on a manhunt for every interracial marriage between Humans and Adepts. Sadly it resulted in the deaths of our parents. If it wasn’t for Mama Adept we’ll probably be dead right now.” says Michael. “You know, I just got an insane idea for our next experiment.” Michael’s face beam with joy that made me uneasy.
    “Oh really now, what is it?” I ask.
    “What if its possible to make Humans into Adepts. Now that I have the idea, do your job.”
    Michael meant the wanted me to think of everything that could go wrong with the experiment. “Well the only major issue is that if you succeed in this experiment you will inspire the Humans to make Adepts into Humans. From there the Humans will force all Adepts to become Humans so that everybody is equal and no one is different.”
    “I see your point. What if we started an uprising and created our own country.”
    “Michael your insane. We’ll need an army of Adepts to take on the Humans and we don’t have anywhere to build a country. I think we should stick to our first experiment for now.”
    “I guess your right. We should get home, its starting to get late.” Michael created a portal that lead back to our home, a burned down orphanage. This wasn’t our actual home, it is only the surface. Our true home is a single story house built under the orphanage. The orphanage brought back many memories, good and bad, of the time I spent living here. I remember playing with the other Adept children and traveling around the world with Mama Adept.
    After the my parents death, I began to live with Mama Adept. No one in the orphanage knew who Mama Adept’s real name or where she came from. All we knew was she somehow managed to take care of us and raise all thirty-four of us. I remember I was a complete loner in the orphanage because I was antisocial, I believe it was completely weird when a person introduced themselves to a random person. When I was four, the first friend I made was Michael because he introduced himself to me so I started talking to him.
    None of the kids ever left the orphanage unless we were traveling with Mama Adept to another country. Mama Adept was a certified teacher so she would educate all the orphans no matter how old they were, although no one ever knew how Mama Adept had the money to teach us; or support us.
    My favorite part about living with Mama Adept was traveling the world with her. Sometimes we would go to Japan, China, France, England, South Korea, and other states in the U.S.. I remember getting into loads of trouble with Michael, mainly because he convinced me to come along with him to do things that I knew could get me into trouble, but it was always fun. Sadly all of this came to an end.
    We all knew Mama Adept broke the law nearly on a  daily basis, she would often take us to disserted part of the world to train us on our psynergy. One day an fourteen-year-old snuck away from our group to see her boyfriend when we traveled to Japan, Michael and I would often follow this girl for fun. When the girl found her boyfriend she discovered he was cheating on her with another human girl. In a blind rage the girl started throwing tiny fireballs at the boy. Needless to say the boy was badly burned but at the time the girl never knew the boy was a son of a rich business man who was well connected to other business men in America.
    In the dead of night, our home was invaded by a private police force. Mama Adept commanded everyone to fight against the attackers. During the fight I saw some people ran away through portals while everyone else fought. Michael and I fought as a team combining my pyro psynergy with his cryo psynergy. When we ran out of energy Michael lead me downstairs to Mama Adepts private room and locked us inside the safe. We hid there waiting for some kind of miracle.
    When the sound of battle finally ceased I used the last of my pyro psynergy to melt the lock to the safe. Now that I think about I wished I would have never got us out of that safe because the view was horrific. The entire orphanage was burned to the ground and everyone, including Mama Adept, was dead. Michael and I counted twenty-seven bodies. Michael and I did the honorable thing and took money from the safe to pay a grave keeper to bury the bodies in coffins in his cemetery. It took nearly the two day to dig all the graves and bury everyone with there own tombstone. To this day Michael and I occasionally visit Mama Adepts grave.     
    “Michael, why did you bring us here?” I ask.
    “I just needed to remember why we train so hard everyday. Maybe we can wage war against the Humans on day.” answers Michael.
    “Maybe. C‘mon we should go to bed. We have IB tests tomorrow.”
    I created a portal which lead to an underground house only accessible by portaling. Michael and I each had our own rooms and our house was complete with a kitchen, entertainment room, water, electricity, and gas. Mama Adept built this place under the orphanage in case anything happened. Michael and I ate leftover food that I cooked yesterday. After that I took a quick shower and went to bed.
    That night I hade a dream. It was a bit fuzzy but it appeared that a Human girl had somehow saved my life. The girl also seemed familiar, sadly I couldn’t remember where I had meet her. I perish the thought and readied myself for school. I left Michael asleep knowing that he would arrive at the IB Exams at the last minute.
    Since I hade some time to myself I decided to go visit Mama Adept’s grave; I took a portal and arrived at her grave. When Michael and I buried all the dead adepts the grave keeper was kind enough to give us a private section in the cemetery. I stood there staring and praying in front of Mama Adept’s grave. Once I finished I began pulling the weeds that grew around all the Adepts graves. Somehow I wished I could get revenge for what the Humans did to the orphans; to my family. The thought of living at the Humans mercy made me furious, before I knew it I burned the grass around me with Pyro Psynergy. I took a deep breath and calmed myself, I left the cemetery since it was close to IB exam time.
    It was a nice spring morning at school, the sun was shining and there was a gentle breeze that made it the perfect temperature outside. The flowers were in full bloom around school and it gave the air a pleasant aroma. And to think I’m going to spend the entire day inside a scalding room taking a test was disappointing. I walked straight to the gym and stood in line. Michael came from behind me and grabbed my shoulder. Michael look half-asleep and his hair was a complete mess. Michael always had the I-don’t-care-what-you -think-of me type of attitude so him coming to school this way was normal for him.
    “Good-Morning Lee. Did you go by the cemetery this morning?” said Michael.
    “Yeah I just wanted to talk to Mama Adept and all the graves needed to be weeded, so I did that while I was there.”
    “Good. When we get inside wake me when the test starts.”
    Michael and I presented out I.D. cards and were placed in a desk, immediately Michael fell asleep. While I waited for the test to start I just watched everyone enter the gym to take the test. Soon this this beautiful girl with a radiant smile entered the gym, she look like she was Asian. She took a seat in front of me and she turned to just wave at me. I was confused , dumbfounded even by her looks, yet at the same time I felt a weird connection with her. It was nothing romantic by I felt I owed her a lot. The examiner placed my test on my desk and I woke Michael to take the test. Michael and I burned through the test with ease. While I waited for everyone else to finish I couldn’t take my eyes off of the Asian girl. I just sat there wondering who she was and why she was being friendly to an Adept. I saw from behind her as she pulled a slip of paper from her sleeve. I’m not sure if she knew the fate that would befall her if a guy caught her cheating at this school but it was too late for me to warn her now.
    By the time everyone finished the IB Exams it was about 4:00pm, all who took the test were exhausted but to Michael and I the test was child’s play. We made a beeline to the alley where we used our psynergy. We portaled to the hilltop to relax.
    “Did you make any progress on your Human-to-Adept Experiment?”
    “Not much. We need to find something to harness the balls of light with our psynergy and then find someone to test it on.”
    “Do you know where to begin? I mean with finding something to harness our psynergy.”
    “Not a clue. But I‘ll figure something out.”
    A sound of a humming engine disrupted the silence between Michael and me, we both sit up and look down into the woods. It been a while since someone came into the woods, and a while since some satisfied our sick, twisted humor for entertainment. A minivan pulls into our view of the woods and the doors fling open. Two teenagers came out carrying what looked like an Asian girl, even from far away the girl looked strikingly beautiful. And just like that, like being hit with a ton of bricks, I realize she’s the same Asian girl I saw during the IB Exams. I watched as the two boys wrestled with the girl to disrobe her, one boy was White and the other was Hispanic. Again, I felt that feeling of guilt and owing her. The girl was striped down to her bra and underwear Once again I acted without thinking, and launched two tiny fireballs onto the backs of the boys. They jump in pain and I use levitation psynergy to slam then into the minivan. I levitated down to the ground to face the rapists.
    “Look, just leave the girl alone and-” The Hispanic boy threw a punch at me landing right in my jaw. Humans always feared that Adepts were dangerous and violent people and at that moment I just wanted to make that stereotype true. The White decided to jump in since I took a hit. I paused his running and forced him to the ground with Gravity Psynergy and focused only on the Hispanic boy. He charged at me again with a right hook. I caught his right hook and gave him an uppercut followed by a punch to the stomach and kick to the head. I returned to the White boy and I mindlessly increases the pressure on his body until he began screaming and begging for mercy. “Take your friend and get out of here. Now!” I commanded. The White boy grabbed his friend and drove off immediately.
    I began to feel better, I felt my debt to the girl was paid but I had too many questions to just walk away.
    “Who are you?” I say.
    “You mean-” shyly says the girl
    “Speak up, Human!”
    “You don‘t remember who I am do you?” asks the girls as she dressed herself. “Five years ago I found a African-American boy starving in the allies of Bloomfield Hills. The boy’s name was Lee and he was nearly skin and bones, he even had problems walking by himself. Everyday I gave him my lunch on my way home from school, until one day I found him unconscious in the alley. He were badly bruised and battered, so I dragged him to my house. When I got home I hid him in the attic on the spare bed that was up there. He stayed for about a week, in the time I nursed him back to health and fed him. Then, just like that, he disappears without a word. Do you remember now?”
    I was taken completely by surprise. This girl was the same girl that saved my life five years ago. I was grateful for what she did but at the same time I didn’t want to ever see her again. Although I had to admit she is the nicest Human I ever met.
    “Your name is Xia, correct?”
    “Yes, its nice to know you at least remember my name.”
    A portal expanded next to me and Michael came walking through. Xia became scared for a moment until I explained I knew Michael. Michael had a look of disgust on his face towards Xia. Humans ruined our live, it was only natural that we didn’t trust them; even if they were being nice.
    “What makes you think for a second Lee and I will trust you? Lee repaid his debt to you so there is no need to be around you anymore.” questions Michael.
    “I believe you should trust me because I save Lee‘s life as a kid and I don‘t have any negative feelings towards Adepts. Humans and Adepts are very alike. We all love, hate, have personalities, and nearly the same looks. I’ve always believed the way Human treated Adepts was wrong and unfair. Overall I see both races as equal people.”
    “She’s good. How can you hate her now?” I say.
    “Your right,” sighs Michael. “Well, what are you going to do now?”
    “I‘m going to go home, your welcomed to come with me. Both of my parents are currently gone on a business trip and they won’t be back for another two week. Plus being and only child, it can be pretty lonely and I would enjoy if you guys could say with me until they return. I have a fear of being attacked when I’m alone.”
    “Michael and I would be honored to stay with you.” I say
    “I suppose,” grumbles Michael. “Let’s just open a portal and go.”
    “Wait, we can‘t do that how will we know what will happen if Xia travels trough a portal. You have to remember she is a Human. The safest thing to do is to walk to her house.”
    It was a long walk to Xia house by the time we got to the city it was nightfall and the full moon was shining brightly. The walk became more awkward as we entered the city, every Human that saw Michael and I with Xia gave us a dirty look. Even the police stopped us under suspicion that we were forcing Xia to be around us but Xia kindly told the officer that we had her permission to be near her. Finally we arrived at Xia’s house. Although it was night, there was just enough light to see how enormous her house was. Once we entered the house Michael and I was amazed by what we saw. Beautiful furniture was everywhere, chandeliers were hanging from the ceiling, and everything just looked so expensive.
    “Xia, what kind of house is this?” I asked.
    “Well it‘s a pretty big one, it cost my parents a little over a million dollars. It has four bedrooms, six bathrooms, a living room, den, indoor Jacuzzi, sauna, and some other rooms my parents use.”
    “How do they afford this?” asked Michael
    “My dad is a brain surgeon and my mom is a heart surgeon, they met each other at work after moving from China. Needless to say, they married and gave birth to me years later.”
    Xia lead Michael and I upstairs to show us our bedrooms. “While the two of you get your belongings, I‘ll go cook us dinner.” Michael and I nodded and created a portal to return to our place. We made easy work of getting our stuff and we hurried back to Xia’s house, and if we forgot something we could just portal back and get it. Not too long after getting settled in our rooms dinner was ready. The dish was spicy shrimp and vegetable stir-fry, the shrimp was nicely seasoned and stir-fried perfectly with the vegetables with just the right amount of sauce. “So, did you like it?” asked Xia. Michael and I both nodded as we stuffed our faces and asked for more food. Sadly neither Michael nor I can cook well so we were excited to eat something new.
    “If you would excuse me, I‘m going back to my room. I have some serious thinking to do.” said Michael. He left the table without saying another word.
    “What is he talking about?” asked Xia.
    “We‘re working on an experiment and so far we haven’t made any progress towards finding the solution. I would tell you what the experiment was but that information is classified. If you really want to know ask Michael about it.” I said.
    “Then I will,”
    Xia made her way to Michael’s room, already the hallway was cooler than the rest of the house. When Xia open the door she suddenly began to shiver. When ever Michael began to seriously think he often loses control of his cryo psynergy and everything within two feet of him becomes icy cold. Suddenly Xia shuts the door, “I‘ll just go wash the dishes and ask him when he‘s less busy.” I smiled and then returned to my room.
    My bedroom was spectacular and that was an understatement. My room came equipped with a flat screen T.V., desk, computer, dresser and a bathroom. Also the bathroom had a shower with a full body air dryer and a bathtub equipped with water jets. I decided to relax by taking a bath and doing a little thinking.
    I couldn’t believe how my life was taking a turn for the better. Unfortunately I know I’m not the luckiest guy in the world and I knew that sooner or later this happiness would come crashing down. It’s like Mama Adept always told me “Nothing in life is free, not even happiness. For ever good time you have, a bad time is sure to follow. That‘s just the way life works.” I didn’t want to think about it, I just couldn’t help but to wonder how I was going to pay for this good time living with Xia. Before I realized it I was soaking in the tub for over an hour. I quickly washed up and got out, I thought about using the full body air dryer but then I remembered I had pyro psynergy so I manually dried myself off. I passed the time by watching the news on T.V. before I went to bed.. Just as I was on the brink of falling asleep I heard a knock at my door. “Huh? Come in,” I said. It was Xia, she was standing in the doorway with a pillow in her arms.
    “What? Xia what are you doing?” I said
    “It‘s just that I felt lonely all alone in my room and I was wondering if I could sleep with you.” said Xia.
    “I mean I would sleep with you in your bed. Just sleeping not having sex. I could sleep on the floor if you would like.”
    “No no it‘s okay. Come in,”
    Xia climbed into the bed facing me, “Lee, what is your greatest fear?”
    “Living without anyone I can trust. How about you?
    “Being alone. Good-night see you in the morning.”
    Slowly with both closed our eyes and fell asleep.
    The radiant sunlight shined through the window into my eyes and in front of me lied a sleeping Human girl named Xia, she is literally the first Human girls I ever found attractive. Slow the temptation to kiss Xia crept up inside me, soon it became uncontrollable. Don’t do it Lee. Kissing Xia will only cause problems, I instruct myself, although it was becoming hard to listen to myself. I decided to be bold and I kissed Xia on her forehead. I can’t believe I did it. Hopefully she doesn’t kill me when she wakes, I thought. Xia’s eyes began to flutter as she woke smiling, “Good-morning Lee.”
    Suddenly the door flung open slamming into the wall it was none other than Michael. He was breathing hard and sweating and look so ecstatic, it was as if he made the discovery of the century. “Lee! Lee I‘ve done it! I have finally figured it out! Hurry, come downstairs!” He disappeared as suddenly as he came in, except he ran screaming in celebration down the hallway. Xia climbed out of bed and went back to her room to get dressed, I dressed myself and headed downstairs.
    In the center of the of the living room table sat a diamond radiating a light blue color in a brilliant shine. I felt this weird energy coming from the diamond, the best  I could describe it was by the feeling I get when I use psynergy. Both Xia and I were mystified by this mysterious jewel.
    “Michael, what is that thing?” I asked
    “Early this morning I just woke up out on my sleep for no reason so I decided to tour the house. When I came to the living room I picked up the diamond because something inside my mind clicked when I saw it. I picked up the diamond and decided to touch it with that light we can emit. Then I noticed the light was captured inside and I keep feeding the diamond with more light until it wouldn‘t shine any brighter.” says Michael.
    “Amazing. Do you think this is the solution to our experiment?”
    “Perhaps. All we need now is someone to test it on. Based on those result we will find out is our experiment is a success.”
    “What are you two talking about? I don‘t like being in the dark.” interrupted Xia.
    “Go ahead and tell her Lee, She has already seen too much.” says Michael.
    “The experiment Michael and I are conducting is to see if its possible to make an Human into an Adept by somehow transferring our power into them. If this diamond is a success then a Human should gain Michael‘s Cryo Psynergy thus becoming an Adept.” I say.
    “This is insane. If the police ever found out about this you‘ll be killed on sight without any discussion. Of course I would never tell the police about this but who are you going to test it on without the police fining out.”
    “Don‘t worry about that, Michael and I got that little detail covered. No you can either come along for the ride or you can stay here by yourself on a Saturday morning. It‘s your choice.”
    “Fine I‘ll come along. Well leave after we eat breakfast.”
    Xia ran off into the kitchen and began to cook pancakes, bacon, and eggs for breakfast while Michael and I talked using the Adept tongue, telepathy/
    “Are you sure it‘s a good idea to being the Human?” thinks Michael.
    “Well I don‘t see any harm in bringing her. If we were somehow to get caught by the police then Xia would go down with us because she knows what we‘re trying to do with that diamond. Plus maybe she can help us with our psynergy training since Humans have access to guns.” I think.
    “Perhaps, but I still think it would only be fair if well tell her what risk she’s taking and all the possible consequences of helping us with our training and our experiment. And I believe that’s the only way we can pay her back for all the hospitality she’s showing us.” thinks Michael.
    “Breakfast is ready!” Xia yells. We all sat down at the table and began to eat. Once again, the food was pretty tasty but the pancakes and bacon were a little burnt. Before Xia could leave the table I stopped her.
    “Xia, there is something you need to know. This experiment that Michael and I are performing is extremely dangerous. As you said we‘ll be killed without any discussion if the police ever found out nut as soon as the police finds out your involved you‘ll be killed too. If your not okay with this Michael and I will leave right now to protect you. It‘s your choice, I just wanted you to know the possible consequences of becoming involved with our experiments.” I say.
    “Lee I already knew the consequences of getting involved with the both of you after you explained what experiment you were planning. I‘m sure things will go well and the police won‘t find out but if they do I‘ll be ready. I mean were all dying right now by aging and were bound to die at any given moment. So if we do get caught I would rather die going out with a bang than to die in my sleep.”
    Michael and I were both surprised by her answer, we seriously thought she would want to take no part in our experiment but we were wrong. After we ate breakfast we grabbed the diamond and encased it in a small box. Michael opened a portal to our destination and we all entered. Although we knew Xia was a Human, Michael and I decided to let her wing it and walk through the portal since we didn’t have time to find out it was dangerous. Our destination was the front gate of  Fuchu Prison in Tokyo, Japan. The Japanese were more lenient towards Adepts, as long as we didn’t cause any trouble with our psynergy then we almost equal rights.
    I approached the guard and asked for an escort to Mr. Takahashi’s office, the guard agreed since Michael and I occasionally visit him because he was a friend of Mama Adept. After a short walk we arrived in Mr. Takahashi’s office, but we had to wait nearly two hours before meeting with him. Mr. Takahashi was an middle aged Japanese man who was actually an Adept but the covered his mark with make-up, his job was to keep track of death row inmates.
    “Lee, Michael, it‘s nice to see you two again. Who is the Chinese girl behind you?” asks Mr. Takahashi.
    “My name is Xia and I‘m a close friend of Lee.” says Xia.
    “I see. So Michael what brings you here today.”
    “This diamond is the center of our new experiment,” says Michael holding the glowing diamond. “A few day I came up with this crazy idea, I wanted to know if it was possible to make Humans into Adepts. That way if anyone wanted to become one of us they could at any time.”
    “This doesn‘t make any sense. If Humans became Adepts the would lose some of their rights. What would you do if Humans did choose to become Adepts?”
    “From there, I plan to organize them and demand equal right between Humans and Adepts and if that fails then I want to declare war against the Humans. I know all of this may sound farfetched but I believe Lee and I can make it happen, so how we‘ll make it work. All we need is an inmate scheduled to die today to be our test subject for this experiment. If this works he should be able to use psynergy. The only thing the inmate needs to do is hold the diamond and make sure it‘s recorded and he doesn‘t let it go.”
    “I see. There is one inmate scheduled to die today, I‘ll have two guards escort you to his cell. Also all cells are monitored but I‘ll make sure the recordings from his cell isn‘t deleted.”
    “Thank you Mr. Takahashi!”
    The guards arrived and escorted us to inmate 6413’s cell. The guards lead Michael into his cell and Michael gave him the command to always hold the diamond until he was given instruction to let it go, then he exited his cell. Since our business in Japan was finished, I opened a portal back to Xia’s house.
    “Well that went smoothly, time to relax.” says Xia
    “We‘re not done yet. Lee and I need to go train with our psynergy and we were hoping you could help us with that.” says Michael.
    “How could I possibly help?”
    “Well if you know how to use a gun, I wanted you to shoot a few round at us and we could try defending against it. Lee and I need to learn how to defend against Human attacks. Don‘t worry if we get hurt, we know an Adept that has healing psynergy.”
    “That‘s won‘t be necessary, my dad has a thing for guns and luckily he owns a bulletproof vest. In other words, I’ll be glad to help you.”
    “Good, then you may want to go put on some light clothing, we‘re stopping in Death Valley first.”
    Once again I was back in the scorching wasteland known as Death Valley, except I was going to be dodging bullets; literally. Michael stayed close to Xia and created cool air around her to keep her cool. Xia brought with her a semi-automatic pistol and a semi-automatic rifle. I positioned myself about thirty-five yards away from Xia.

The End

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