Never Alone


The house was a lot bigger from the inside than from the outside, but it was also a lot creepier. All the lights were out and cobwebs invited us in warmly. Our footsteps were hollow in the abandoned home and I constantly felt like I was being watched. I was sure that what I saw in the upstairs window was just an illusion, maybe a shadow, but no matter what it could have been it had still freaked me out. 

My music blared in my ears as mom walked around me with Krystal, her mouth moving and emphasizing her words with a proud wave of her hands. I put my hands in the pockets of my jeans and went on my own. 

The house was chilly with a life of its own and different rooms of the house gave off different emotions. The living room was full of some unknown sadness, a sort of loss so great that I had to leave the room. The kitchen had nothing, so at least I knew that could be a safe haven. Behind me, someone moved and I turned around quickly with my heart thumping... and bumped into Krystal.

"Holy Adie," Krystal exclaimed when I had taken my earphones out. "Why don't you stop the Emo act for five minutes and pay attention." 

Krystal and I used to be close, way back before mom and dad started fighting. During cloudy nights, even if she was only a year younger, she would run into my room and sneak under the covers with me. She had cried when we were five and six due to a shadow on her bedroom wall that looked like a clown and I had found the culprit. Now, anything simple like my music or how long I would go without talking to her or mom bugged her. I guessed that she had become mom of our sibling relationship and I had become dad, quiet and isolated. 

"Sorry, thought you were someone else." I answered honestly.

"Yeah. You're so weird Adie and mom says to turn off your music 'cause it's giving her a headache." Krystal warned before stepping out of the kitchen and back towards the living room.

I turned off my iPod and found the large set of stairs leading up to the upstairs bedrooms. I took one step at a time, the wooden steps giving way to soft creaks under my weight. I brushed my blond hair out of my eyes and scanned everything when I had reached the top landing. It was dark up on the second floor as my fingers fumbled across the wall looking for a light switch.

Goosebumps raced down my neck as I felt a cold breeze pass by me. I forgot my search for the light switch and walked in the direction that I had felt the breeze coming from. It was summer and everything was practically melting outside so a cold breeze was easy to track. Forgetting the darkness, I felt the hint of a presence guiding me towards one of the bedrooms, lost in the corner of the second floor.

I opened the door and was engulfed with a mixture of emotion: happiness extinguishing loneliness, sadness slightly tugging at the corners of the room, and the feeling of being in a dream; like as if this could not be true. Two large windows brought in the shaded sunlight from the large oak tree outside into the large bedroom. The wooden floors were gleaming with a glow that I was sure had been dull only seconds before, and the walls were a clean white. Markings of old tape looked like scars on the wall. One large closet overtook the left bedroom wall and an individual bathroom sat near the right windowed wall.

"Mom," I yelled down from the banister that gated the entrance to the room.

"Yes honey?" Her voice sounded surprised, almost amused to hear me calling to her in such a way after so long.

"I picked my room!" I announced and Krystal answered with a sigh and what sounded like but I didn't even look upstairs yet!

I walked back into the room, all ready picturing where everything would go. My heart didn't skip a beat when I suddenly realized that it had been from the large window right in front of the door that I had seen the figure of a girl looking down at us. 


The End

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