The Move


Mom had promised us that our new house would be the key factor to our new life, but I never believed her. Krystal, my younger sister, hadn't felt any less happier when she had to leave her friends behind. She did choose mom's side during the divorce, but she hadn't been planning to move across the country. 

I had chosen dad's side. Not because he spoiled me or because I was daddy's girl. I had chosen his side because of my mother. I had argued, but she had won custody over my sister and I because we're both underage. I missed dad's jokes and the way that he made any tense situation relaxed, but now he was hours away from us and he wasn't coming here to Viewville in Ontario any time soon. 

The town was what it exclaimed to be on the welcome sign before we  began driving down the quiet streets: Welcome to Viewville: where every sight you have ever wanted to witness can be possible. The town rested on top of a large hill that overlooked a forest and there were only a few houses running up the road. Mom had told us how we were going to attend this massive high school down the hill and that our house was in one of the safest parts of the town.

Krystal, tiny and blond, was asleep beside me as mom drove our used Honda Civic quietly up the hill. I looked out the window and saw several families passing their summer day together doing small town activities: playing catch, picking flowers, jumping through sprinklers; that type of stuff. I sighed loudly and put my earphones on. I could see my mother's mouth moving, but my music was blasting in my ears. Beside me Krystal poked me, her eyes were red from sleep.

"What?" I said as I  took out my earphones.

 "We're here!" Mom said from the driver's seat, ignoring the annoyance in my voice.

Before I explain exactly how creepy this house was, I should introduce myself. I'm Adelaine Marie, I think my mom must've miswritten my name on the birth certificate because I was sure that an M was missing in there somewhere. I'm sixteen and I am a Taurus, which according to my sister, who is fifteen, explains why I do everything that I do. I have annoying flyaway blond hair and my dad's green eyes. My light freckles over my nose belong to my mom and so does my petite form. 

The sun barely escaped through the large oak tree in front of the large house and I looked up in awe, despite my ideas about this move. It was creepy, but also beautiful. It was a modern brick house, but the aura was something different altogether. The front door was a neutral blue and the windows of the bedrooms on the second floor were large and open. There were bushes lining the side of the house leading away from the front door in either directions. The lawn grass was yellowing and the shadow of the house fell upon us.

"How long has it been since someone's been here?" Krystal asked the question that I had been thinking.

"Just..." my mom stuttered. "...a year."

"A year?!" Krystal exclaimed and leaned back on the hood of our red car.

Mom walked around the car to the trunk as she talked about the moving truck being here soon and I ignored her and Krystal discussing what the inside looked like. I walked a bit closer to the house and onto the lawn, where I felt the dead lawn grass crunching under my feet. I looked up into a window on the second level where the silhouette of a girl stood watching us, the new arrivals.

The End

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