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Avery jumps on Eve crying and Eve gives her a hug


Eve: My beloved daughter.

Adam: Im so glad I get to see her once again. "a tear falls down his face"

Eve: I haven't seen you in forever.

Avery: I MISSED YOU SO MUCH MOMMY! "cries louder"

Me: Wait... This makes no sense... If Adam and Eve had a daughter then how come she is still a child? Shouldn't she be an adult like them? Or is it that they recently made her? But why is she sent down in this earth? This is making no sense to me at all.

Adam: Is something troubling you?

Me: ...May I speak to Avery? Alone?

They all look and blink at each other

Time skip swoop

Avery: I give you a thousand thanks for finding my parents for me. "bows" I am now to be your servant until the day you die.

Me: Avery, get up.

Avery: Huh? "bends back up"

Me: You don't have to be my servant or anything.

Avery: No, I insist.

Me: ... Im not going to force you into anything upon your will. You may do as you please.

Avery: Yes master.

Me: -_- First order, don't call me master.

Avery: O-ok.

Me: second order, treat me as you treat everyone else in the world. Don't treat me so loyal like a king. Treat me like a friend or something more. You decide.

Avery: ...As you wish.

Me: Last order for today... How are you down here? What is the reason?

Avery: ... Well... You see.


Eve: What do you suppose they are speaking of?

Adam: I believe it is about how Avery is in this world. Why she is in it.

Eve: Oh, I see.


Me: You can't tell me... I order you to.

Avery: "blushes looking down and twisting her leg as she's twiddling her fingers" (Imagine the adorableness) Uhm... I apologize but, i'm afraid that Ghelgamesh is a bigger master than you. I truly apologize. Forgive me.

Me: Ghelgamesh? Who is he?

Avery: "jumps and blushes louder" I CANT TELL YOU THAT EITHER!

Me: ... I see... Oh well then. I guess I will have to find out myself.

Avery: Please forgive me.

Me: Avery... I will always forgive you so stop that. I command you.

Avery: ...As you wish...

Me: Now have fun and do whatever you like here. I don't mind, as long as it makes you happy.

Avery: You truly are a kind master.

I then out of nowhere am wearing a robe and a crown as I have a king's staff while im sitting on a king's throne. Sparkles are in the background and everything.

Me: I am aren't I?! HAHAHAHAHA

Avery: "a giant sweat mark dropped from the back of her head" Uh...Yes?



Eve: "appears next to me"

Me: "jumps"

Eve: Do not use the word "hell" In that sentence.

Me: Oh. Sorry.

Eve: Now. "takes both of our hands" We made you your lunches, so you lovely people won't be hungry.

Avery and I: Thank you.

Eve: Now go have fun at what you all call a "park"

Me: If you insist. I don't see why not. C'mon Avery. "walks off"

Avery: As you wish. "follows"


Eve: "smiles"

Adam: "walks next to her" I see what your trying to accomplish here.

Eve: Oh, you know me well my husband.

Adam: And you do for I my wife. So tell me... How long do you think it will take? For them to fall in love?

Eve: I'm not quite sure, but it will happen.

Adam: I see... After they find their love connection why not we go and get married?

Eve: "looks at him in surprisement" Really!?

Adam: I have noticed that in our earlier times there were no such thing as the word "marriage". Shall we?

Eve: ... "smiles slightly crying" We shall my love. We shall.

They both hug each other.

Meanwhile at the Sakura Park. Where the trees blossom pink fallen leaves as they do in japan... I think...

Avery: The view is amazing!

Me: Of course it is. Thats why I brought you here.

Avery: I give you a thousand thanks.

Me: "looks at her" I give YOU a thousand thanks.

Avery: "blinks in confusion"

The End

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