The recent Daughter of EveMature

I just realized that some of the things the bible says is fake and only tells you what you want to hear sometimes. Adam and Eve are in hell for disobeying God. Kain was falsely commited on the reason for killing Abel. God has left heaven and never came back, leaving Ghelgamesh as the president of heaven. Jesus is under hell holding up the ground of earth and keeping lucifer in his cage so that he won't escape and go back to earth. Lucifer has that power to go to earth whenever he wants to. Thats why God trapped him in the cage. And THATS why we say when Jesus comes the second time, the world will end. Because Lucifer has escaped and made his way into earth. Lucifer has the power to destroy the planet single handedly.

Just wanna let you all know.


I messed up the story...

But i'm too lazy to start over...

So i'll just continue.

If you all wouldn't mind.

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It begins with me sleep in the bed.

Me: ... "wakes up" ...

As an average teen I rolled over to my other side to go to sleep. Once I rolled over there's the beautiful Eve sleep next to me in the bed.

Me: "jumps" ... uhh...

Eve: "opens her eyes" ...

Me: 0.0

Eve: ... Hello to you. Is that right?

Me: ...Yes... that is right... You already could speak english before... Just early english.

Adam: "walks in with my beeping alarm clock" What is this noise coming from this item?

Me: "groans" ...

Eve: Anything the matter?

Me: My spring break...its over...

Eve: "tilts head" Spring break?

Adam: Spring broke?

Me: No Adam! I have to start school once again...

Adam: School. That is where you teach our kind education correct?

Me: Yes.

Eve: Do you have to go?

Me: Yes.




"gets up quickly from the bed and wobbles a bit"

Eve: "sits up wiping her eyes" Shall I fix you breakfast?

Me: You can cook?

Eve: Its one of the things I do at my free time. I learned myself as you were sleep.

Me: Its funny how you can speak english so well.

Adam: "throws the clock out the window" r

Me: ACK! WHY!?

Adam: ... Its off now.

Me: ... Nevermind.

Eve: Allow me to fix your breakfast as you get yourself ready. Shall we Adam?

Adam: We shall.

They both walk off

Me: ... Adam and Eve... The first people in heaven... Their br beautiful self. eauty inspires me... "starts to get myself ready" Too bad I can't date Eve. Her beautiful self... Adam will get jealous of cedrtain things so I can't do certain things with Eve. Like rest on her, or place my hand on her body. I have to keep my space. My distance from her... Making the first male Adam mad is the last thing I want to do...

"finishes putting my clothes on"


Now what? ...

A doorbell rang causing me to walk to it.

Me: "opens it" ASA! RICARDO!

Asa: Whats up G.

Ricardo: Ey man.

Me: So whats up!?

Asa: "walks in along with Ricardo" Just walked by and decided to see you thats all.

Ricardo: What's that smell? You cooking?

Me: OH UH! ... Thats uh...

Asa: "walks in the kitchen and sees Adam and Eve" Huh?

Me: 0_0.

Ricardo: "walks in" Who are they?

Me: 0_0 mu parents.

Asa: You got white parents!?

Ricardo: But your black!


Eve: Hm? Your food is almost ready!

Me: See? What I tell you?

Asa: "raises his eyebrow" Uhhh ok.

Ricardo: Im sorry man but your mom is hot.

Me: I won't say "Hot". I'll say beautiful... Beautiful as the first woman.

Adam: "Brings me my food" Here you are.

Asa: Hello Mr. Green.

Adam: ...

Eve: "quickly shows up next to Adam" HELLO!

Ricardo: Hey mrs. Green.

Eve: Helllo to you!

Adam: But my last name is- -

Eve: "quickly covers his mouth"

Adam: "mumbles in her hand still talking"

Eve: ..."lets go"

Adam: And then he was like- -

Eve: "cover back his mouth"

Asa: ...

Ricardo: ...

Me: ...

Eve: "lets go"

Adam: And that's how I got my last name.

Ricardo: "laughs a bit"

Asa: "laughs" Your parents are funny.

Me: I know.

I took a bite of the pancakes Adam and Eve made for me causing me to gasp and freeze

Asa: uh.. Jue?

Ricardo: Dude, you alright?

Me: ...

Adam: "scratches the back of his head"

Eve: "laughs a bit squinching her eyes"

Me: Oh...My...God...

Eve: "smiles"

Ricardo: The hell?

Asa: What?

Me: THE BEST FOOD I'VE EVER TASTED! "demolishes the food"

Asa: 0_0

Ricardo: 0_0

Adam: 0_0

Eve: "smiles"

Me" finishes" ... I am now full...

Asa: Alright man. Thats good. I need to head for school before I be late and shit so.

Ricardo: Yea.

Me: Allow me to come with. I will see you all later correct?

Adam: Indeed.

Eve: Of course my son.

We all walk off closing the door behind us

Adam: ... Im quite confused.

Eve: We have to keep our identities a secret.

Adam: The reason?

Eve: We don't know what will happen if our identities is exposed. We have to be his parents, until we go back into heaven.

Adam: Indeed...

Eve: Now as you will excuse me. I have to clean. "grabs a broom"

Adam: ...Miss Eve?

Eve: Hm?

Adam: ...

Eve: What is it?

Adam: May we make love?

Eve: 0_0 In his house?

Adam: He won't mind. We are going to clean up afterwards anyway.

Eve: ... I suppose we could...

Meanwhile an hour later

Im at the school in an english classroom

Teacher: Everyone. I would like for you to meet our new student.

Me: Student?

Girl: Uh..hi.

All the men in the room started fanboying telling her she's pretty and stuff. You know.

Girl: Uhm.. it's nice to meet you all here today... I hope this will be a happy experience for me...

Teacher: Im sure it will. May you take a seat next to Julius for me?

Me: Me?

Girl: Uh... ok? "walks to me and sits next to me"

Me: (Gotta play cool!)

Girl: Uh...hi... My names uh...

Me: (She's too shy to be into cool guys.)

Girl: Avery. Nice to meet you.

Me: ... Julius. It's an honer to meet you.

Teacher: Now you all. Lunch will start in a few minutes. You may all use this time to speak quietly to each other.

One random nigga: TURN UP!

The classroom goes insane

Teacher: -_-... "shakes his head and walks off"

Avery: 0_0...

Me: ... I'm sorry you have to be in this.

Avery: It's...ok...

Me: You want to get out of here? "gets up and walks to a window opening it"

Avery: Uhm... Are you sure? We just met.

Me: It's ok. Don't woory. I'm not the average man you see everyday. Just more weird. "takes my hand out"

Avery: ... "walks to the window and looks out"

Me: The view is amazing. The view will end before we get out of school sadly. The sunset doesn't last forever.

Avery: ... "looks at me"

Me: Shall we? "takes out my hand"

Avery: ... "takes my hand"

I walk out the school from the window taking her along.

Avery: Uhm... Are you sure we can do this?

Me: It's ok. Your a new student. Missing your first day won't be that difficult on the next.

Avery: O...ok.

Me: Would you like to go home with me?

Avery: "blushes insanely" Uh! I'm sorry! We just met! I don't wanna do that!

Me: What?... OH! NO! NO! NO! It's not like that at all! I'm just going to show you around a bit to my house. I promise.

Avery: Promise?

Me: Promise. "smiles"

Avery: "smiles back a bit"

Me: there's that smile I was looking for!

Avery: "blushes smiling"

Me: Lets go. "walks off"

Avery: "follows"

Me: So... Where you from?

Avery: Uhm... Japan.

Me: You look like it. You also look like Lili from Tekken but in her child state.

Avery: Huh?

Me: Are you guys twins!?

Avery: Uhm... no. I don't know anyone names Lily.

Me: Are you sure?

Avery: Yes.

Me: ... oh well. How old are you?

Avery: 15.

Me: 15!? ME TOO!

Avery: Duh, we're both freshman.

Me: Oh yea.

Avery: When is you birthday?

Me: August 25th


Me: WHAT!? HOW!?



Avery: Wow.

Me: Yes indeed wow.

We both appear at the house

Me: Here we are.

Eve: "opens the door" Back already?

Me: Yes.

Avery: "gasps"

Eve: "looks at her and grows shocked" ...

Avery: ... Mommy?

Eve: "starts to cry" Avery.

The End

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